Mashing the Potatoes

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Personal chef Lynn McKee demonstrates how to mash potatoes.

    Lynn McKee

    I started my own personal chef business in August 2001. I am a self taught chef and I love to cook. It makes people happy, and that makes me happy. I have had articles featured in local magazines, and was voted in the top 10 personal chefs by Washingtonian magazine in 2003. I cook a variety of different items, under the heading of homestyle cooking

    Lynn McKee: Hi, I am Lynn with Lynns Meals in Minutes Personal Chef Service. Today we are making flounder asparagus rolls with cheesy spinach mashed potatoes. We have boiled our one-and-a-half pounds of russet potatoes and drained them. I have now added them back to the hot pan and I am going to get ready to mash them. If youve noticed Ive set the pan on a pot holder for stability so its not going to move around when I am mashing them. Also, if you do not have coated handles, make sure you use a pot holder to hold while you are mashing. Now, we are going to add the butter into the hot pan, this is six tablespoons of salted butter, Ive cut it up into smaller pieces, so it melts quicker and mashes easier. You could also use margarine if youd like. I have three tablespoons of milk; you could also use cream or Half & Half. I am going to add it to the pot and now I am going to start to mash. We are going to mash and stir kind of at the same time. If you really need, then put some edible grease into it in order to get off the lumps out. But it should come together very quickly. The best way to tell if you are not sure if all the lumps are out is to taste. You just go, get a clean fork, and have a little bite and if you dont feel any lumps, that means they are done. I am pretty confident that these are mashed and dont have any lumps left. Okay. Now, we are going to add in one-third of a cup of salad cream, four ounces of cubed Velveeta cheese. I like Velveeta for this because it melts very smoothly. You could substitute regular American, if you have it. I wouldnt use cheddar as it gets kind of stringy in something like this. You can give it a stir to combine then you are going to dump your two cups of baby spinach leaves raw. The heat from the potatoes now will wilt the spinach enough that youll be able to mix it and then we are going to put it into a greased baking dish and bake it and it will continue to cook the spinach and melt the cheese. Now, we are going to take a baking dish, spray it with some cooking spray. We are going to spoon the mixture into a dish. Just take a spatchler or a spoon or whatever and kind of spread it into the dish, so its even and we are done with that. Now, what we need to do is to pop this and then prepare the asparagus rolls into the oven for 20 minutes and well be doing that next.