Massage – Contra Indications

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional masseuse Jim Weiler discusses contraindications, which are certain conditions, when massage should not be done.

    Jim Weiler

    I am Jim Weiler, the CO-owner of the Piedmont School of Professional Massage,Inc. in Woodbridge, VA. which was established in 1995. In addition to our 530 in class hour training program that leads to certification by the Board of Nursing we also have a very upscale 8 treatment room facility that offers massage therapy by our staff of 5 full time and 7 part time certified massage seven days a week. We also offer facials and are in the process of adding a wet treatment room in order to offer and provide body/salt & sugar scrubs for exfoliation, as well as various other hydrotherapy and spa treatments including but not limited to body wraps and mud bath applications. I have 12 years of teaching experience and 22 years of experience the massage therapy profession. I have worked in many different aspects of the profession,spas,resorts,clinics,doctors(MDs) as well as chiropractors(DCs) and out/housecalls. I have supervised the providing of massage therapy to the participants of the Marine Corp Marathon for the past 9 years and the Tim Harmon 5k run to benefit hepatitis research for the past 6 years, as well as various other athletic events. I have supervised students providing pre, post and remedial sports massage to the Potomac Nationals baseball team. I have provided & supervised the therapist to do on-site seated massage at Potomac Mills Mall on black Friday to raise money for Toys for Tots for the past 10 years and provided and supervised the therapist and students doing on-site seated massage at IKEA for the past 11 years, provided the therapist to do on-site seated massage for Georgetown Universities Nurse Appreciation week, as well as various other corporate, government agencies, private & public schools, for profit and nonprofit groups and many other charitable organizations. 2. In this video, professional Commonwealth of Virginia, Board of Nursing, certified massage therapist, Jim Weiler will demonstrate the proper body mechanics,stances,hand placement and techniques of classical Swedish/stress reduction massage. This video is designed for the lay person.

    Jim Weiler: Hi! This is Jim with Piedmont Therapeutic Massage in the Washington DC area and next, I am going to talk about what are called contraindications. These are certain conditions, when massage should not be done and hence, termed contraindicated. Probably, the single most important contraindication is if someone has a condition thats referred to as thrombophlebitis. This is where they have blood clots, which are usually in the lower extremity in the leg, and usually in the lower part of the leg. A test that can be done to indicate, if someone has a blood clot, or thrombophlebitis is whats referred to as Homans sign. To do Homans sign, the foot and ankle are forcefully dorsiflected or the toe is pulled towards the head. You then give a squeeze of the calf if that intensifies the persons pain or symptoms, thats a good indication they may have a blood clot and they should be referred to the appropriate medical personnel to take care of that.

    There are a few instances and where harm has been done by doing massage, which is generally for the most part in normal situations or circumstances very safe and beneficial. This is where a layperson was performing a massage on their partner, a husband massaging the wife, or vice versa. The person did happen to have thrombophlebitis, blood clot in the lower extremity. The spouse was massaging that area to help the person to feel better broke the blood clot, lose and it traveled either to the heart and caused a heart attack or travel to the brain cause a stroke and ultimately death, which is something, we do not want.

    Some other contraindications where you may want to get clearance or approval from the appropriate medical personnel, is situations like cancer. Most oncologists are very supportive and encouraging for people who are receiving conventional, orthodox, western medical treatments to do whatever they want to make them feel better and massage is usually one of those. Some other instances where you may want to exercise some caution, is if a person has had a recent injury and there is inflammation present.

    There a several key signs that indicate inflammation that is pain, heat, redness or swelling. You can have anyone or a combination of those systems. Sometimes inflammation is not visible, but you can feel the area possibly compared to the other side and see that there is heat being generated and again heat is one of the indications for inflammation being present and that usually would want the application of ice.