Massage – Friction Techniques

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional masseuse Jim Weiler demonstrates some friction massage techniques.

    Jim Weiler

    I am Jim Weiler, the CO-owner of the Piedmont School of Professional Massage,Inc. in Woodbridge, VA. which was established in 1995. In addition to our 530 in class hour training program that leads to certification by the Board of Nursing we also have a very upscale 8 treatment room facility that offers massage therapy by our staff of 5 full time and 7 part time certified massage seven days a week. We also offer facials and are in the process of adding a wet treatment room in order to offer and provide body/salt & sugar scrubs for exfoliation, as well as various other hydrotherapy and spa treatments including but not limited to body wraps and mud bath applications. I have 12 years of teaching experience and 22 years of experience the massage therapy profession. I have worked in many different aspects of the profession,spas,resorts,clinics,doctors(MDs) as well as chiropractors(DCs) and out/housecalls. I have supervised the providing of massage therapy to the participants of the Marine Corp Marathon for the past 9 years and the Tim Harmon 5k run to benefit hepatitis research for the past 6 years, as well as various other athletic events. I have supervised students providing pre, post and remedial sports massage to the Potomac Nationals baseball team. I have provided & supervised the therapist to do on-site seated massage at Potomac Mills Mall on black Friday to raise money for Toys for Tots for the past 10 years and provided and supervised the therapist and students doing on-site seated massage at IKEA for the past 11 years, provided the therapist to do on-site seated massage for Georgetown Universities Nurse Appreciation week, as well as various other corporate, government agencies, private & public schools, for profit and nonprofit groups and many other charitable organizations. 2. In this video, professional Commonwealth of Virginia, Board of Nursing, certified massage therapist, Jim Weiler will demonstrate the proper body mechanics,stances,hand placement and techniques of classical Swedish/stress reduction massage. This video is designed for the lay person.

    Jim Weiler: Hi this is Jim with Piedmont Therapeutic Massage, and were going to be demonstrating next massage technique, another massage technique that you can use, and this is whats referred to as friction. The friction technique is best done without any lubricant. Your intention with friction is to pin the superficial tissues down against the deeper underlying structures. As you can see here, Im not sliding on the skin, Im panning the tissues down to the deeper underlying structures and some instances, the bone. Youre compressing various soft tissues, muscles, tendons or ligaments against the bone, and using friction to generate heat.

    That heat in turn will take advantage of a property that connective tissue has, which is refereed to as thixotropy, which means it can be going from more of a liquid or dissolved state or solute or into more of a gel or solid state. Friction is a very effective technique for loosening up tight areas, and also areas where there may be a pain and discomfort present. Its also done at the sides of origins or insertions are also referred to as attachment of muscles. So, in areas where that is very effective is here at the patellar tendon above the knee, the kneecap, and the patellar ligament below or inferior to the kneecap. Another area, in which friction can be done, is on the arm. This area here, which is the lateral epicondyle, all of the muscles which extend wrist and the fingers originate here. A lot of office workers are on computer keyboards all-day can have a lot of tightness and soreness or discomfort here. The cross-fiber friction will be very effective at loosening that up and getting rid of the pain discomfort, and the friction technique can be done anywhere up to three or four minutes, and again its best to get feedback from your partner they can let you know if the area have had enough treatment or too much treatment.