Massage Techniques

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Massage expert Tracie Bell shares techniques on how to do a full body swedish massage.

    Tracy Bell: Hi! My name is Tracy Bell and we are going to be demonstrating a full body Swedish massage and we're going to start off on the back. So, once your oil is nice and smoothed out you can start by doing slow effleurage strokes which broad even strokes, being careful not put any pressure on the spine. So, most of the pressure is coming from the palms of your hand, so as you are applying the strokes you want to lean in to your stoke so that you're not using your arms to do all the work. When you get up to shoulder area, you can do small little kneading strokes along the upper shoulder area the trapezius. Now that we have completed her back we're going to move on to her lower legs. So you can start off at the very bottom of the leg into a full effleurage strokes all the way up to the person's hip and then may be life other stroke back down. So, as you're going back and fourth with your hands you want make sure that your body is moving along with you, so that you're not using your hands and your arms a whole lot and tiring yourself out.

    You can also do arm strokes on the back of the leg, now an arm stroke isn't necessarily going to go all the way to your hip, but if you can do it, you can take your arm stroke all the way up to the gluteal region. Now I will be demonstrating how to massage the arm. As you're working with arm make sure your stroke nice and even and the pressure that you use down at the wrist you can follow it through all the way to the top of the shoulder. You can do little tiny Ptrissage or kneading stroke on the small of the arm. You go into the palm, starting off with the softer pressure and then getting just a little bit deeper so you can work those fingers.

    When you're working with foot you want be careful because you have just mainly bone on front part of your foot. Basically you're moving your thump and small little circle pattern, then you can allow your thumps to come up and do broadening stokes on the base the foot. And then massage we are going to stretch again, pushing and holding with your right hand underneath the heal, pushing with the left hand on the toes and the pads of the feet and then bringing that same stretch back toward you.

    We are now working with the neck, you can lift up the head and your hands are going be like this scoop in, if you want to give the neck a little stretch you can hold to the shoulder and pull the neck to the either side. Allow your hands to naturally wrap around the person's neck. You can do broader strokes, of the posterior accept of the neck or the back of the neck, allowing your fingers to naturally contour with the person's body.

    This concludes our full body Swedish Massage.