Massage – Tipotment Techniques

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional masseuse Jim Weiler demonstrates some Tipotment massage techniques.

    Jim Weiler

    I am Jim Weiler, the CO-owner of the Piedmont School of Professional Massage,Inc. in Woodbridge, VA. which was established in 1995. In addition to our 530 in class hour training program that leads to certification by the Board of Nursing we also have a very upscale 8 treatment room facility that offers massage therapy by our staff of 5 full time and 7 part time certified massage seven days a week. We also offer facials and are in the process of adding a wet treatment room in order to offer and provide body/salt & sugar scrubs for exfoliation, as well as various other hydrotherapy and spa treatments including but not limited to body wraps and mud bath applications. I have 12 years of teaching experience and 22 years of experience the massage therapy profession. I have worked in many different aspects of the profession,spas,resorts,clinics,doctors(MDs) as well as chiropractors(DCs) and out/housecalls. I have supervised the providing of massage therapy to the participants of the Marine Corp Marathon for the past 9 years and the Tim Harmon 5k run to benefit hepatitis research for the past 6 years, as well as various other athletic events. I have supervised students providing pre, post and remedial sports massage to the Potomac Nationals baseball team. I have provided & supervised the therapist to do on-site seated massage at Potomac Mills Mall on black Friday to raise money for Toys for Tots for the past 10 years and provided and supervised the therapist and students doing on-site seated massage at IKEA for the past 11 years, provided the therapist to do on-site seated massage for Georgetown Universities Nurse Appreciation week, as well as various other corporate, government agencies, private & public schools, for profit and nonprofit groups and many other charitable organizations. 2. In this video, professional Commonwealth of Virginia, Board of Nursing, certified massage therapist, Jim Weiler will demonstrate the proper body mechanics,stances,hand placement and techniques of classical Swedish/stress reduction massage. This video is designed for the lay person.

    Jim Weiler: Hi! This is Jim, and were going to be demonstrating next technique and the Swedish massage repertoire and those are referred to as the tapotement techniques and these may be the massage techniques that youve seen portrayed comedically and movies and what not and those again you have the proper stance in order to do the technique properly.

    First is hacking, and hacking is done from the wrist, its not from the elbow where you doing -- often power as karate chop. The next technique is referred to as beating or pounding and you can see, I am moving my body back and forth with the technique.

    Next technique is called quacking, thats with the hands pressed firmly together, the elbows out wide, and you get that duck quacking or air sound coming out between the hands.

    Next techniques are done from your iron horse or your side stance and those are wrapping, just done with the knuckles. Tapping, which is done with the tips of the fingers. Now, I like to say pretend that youre Jerry Lewis typing when youre doing tapping. Again, its from the wrist being loose.

    Next technique is cupping. Again, you want to get that air sound. Its like youre drinking water from your hand, you dont have a cup available, and doing this technique improperly, you may be doing whats called slapping, which can be used as well, and is a variation of the tapotement techniques.

    Next technique is whats referred to as pincing or pincement. This technique, the hand is thrown down and as it bounces back up you try to pinch the person, which you will not actually be able to do because your hand is bouncing back up, and also you have the lubricant on your hand, and on the persons skin.

    The tapotement techniques are intended to be stimulating and energizing. So, if you come home from work after a rough day, youre feeling really tired or lethargic; you can have this technique done on yourself or you can do likewise for your partner.

    Each tapotement technique should only be done for approximately 30-40 seconds, and when youre first starting out, you may notice that its very easy to lose your rhythm and your coordination, but that will come with practice.