Master The Mental Game Of Bowling

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Randy Pedersen of Storm Bowling Products discusses the overall mental outlook of bowling.

    Randy Petersen: Hi everybody! I'm Randy Peterson with Storm Bowling Products. Today, we're going to talk about the importance of the mental game. I'm going to tell you how important it is folks, you can't have a great physical game without having a great mental game.

    Let's start with changing muscle memory. Now muscle memory is a subconscious action that we have programmed our bodies to perform. In an order to change that, it takes a lot of practice and repetition performing another action, before it become subconscious. And then there is visualization. I want you to think about that as your pre-shot routine before you step up on the approach.

    Visualize your bowling ball going down the lane, the shape of that shot. Visualizing it knocking all 10 pins down. Think about what your body feels like when you step up on the approach and the speed of your footwork going to the foul line.

    And finally, turning off the mental computer. Shutting your mind off, stop thinking consciously, allow your body to perform the way you have trained it to perform. Folks, follow these simple tips and I promise you a much stronger mental game and much higher bowling scores.