Maternity Wardrobe – Choosing the Right Size

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dina Igoe, co-owner of Apple Seed Maternity & Baby Boutique in Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia discusses how to make your maternity wardrobe work for nine months including how to choose the right size.

    Dina Igoe: Hi! I am Dina Igoe, owner of Apple Seed Maternity & Baby Boutique in Old Town, Alexandria. Today, we are talking about how to build the perfect maternity wardrobe and this segment is actually about picking your right size and how to make your clothing last through the whole nine months. I am going to show you how different pieces grow differently as you grow.

    Alright, this is Cameron. She is our model for this segment and I want to begin with her pants. And these are great pants made by Maternal America and they are actually a medium which is Cameron size; pre-pregnancy, that is a really good way to start. You want to start with your pre-pregnancy size and go from there. Certain designers will design smaller, will design bigger; but this is a really good rule of thumb is just to start when you are at pre-pregnancy. Now, that we know that; Cameron has got these pants on. She is definitely early on in her pregnancy. So therefore, what she is going to be using are these great adjustments on the inside of these pants. You wouldn't even know they were here; obviously, when you have a top over them you can't even see them. But this is something thats going to let her wear these pants through the whole nine months. Right now, she has got them on their own, clipped right at the end; but basically, you just unclip this, you can pull it right out and tighten it wherever you need. So, you can wear them from the beginning to the whole nine months. They are also great because they sit a lit bit lower as you can see; so that your belly just grows right over them. So, this is a great example of the pants that have adjustments on the inside; a lot of maternity clothes will do that. Then I am going to focus on her top; this is your true maternity top, it is also size medium and its perfect for Cameron; its a great fit, you can see it fits her really above in the shoulder and very nice through the chest area and where she needs the room which is right here; she has got plenty of room to grow. Its also of really nice length.

    So, see that maternity tops are going to be made a little bit longer. So that fit accommodate a growing belly. To show how Cameron can transition, just look into the end of her pregnancy; I am using this a good of prosthetic mount belly. This is 7-9 months and every good maternity store should have one of these in the dressing room to help you ladies. See how things are going to grow with you.

    So, I am going to ask Cameron to put this on; so that we can see how the top and the pants are going to work. And now, Cameron has got the belly on; this is really nine months for her; since, she is already about a month trimester along. So, you can see that this top works perfectly, its still fits her great here; she has got plenty of room and stretch in the fabric here. And you can definitely see that Cameron has plenty of room to grow and also, plenty of length from the bottom to cover her belly at the very end of her pregnancy. As you can see this is a great straight cut top, it fits really slim in the hips and waist, but its definitely longer to accommodate a growing belly. We are also going to show you, how the jeans are going to work now or later, because of the stretchy belly -- stretchy band right here.

    Now, that you saw this; I am going to show you how its going to look at the very end when she is nine months using a prosthetic belly. As you can see, now Cameron has the nine month belly on; the jeans are still going to work great, because there are cuts under the belly with a really stretchy band thats going to accommodate a growing tummy. The top up is also great and we have it over like this; it just stretches very nicely because of the stretch that move down in the fabric of the short. It really fits great over the belly and nothing is hanging on in the button that she can wear it at the very beginning as well as at the end.

    In our next clip, we are going to talk about the five or six basic pieces everybody should have in their maternity wardrobe and I am going to show you how they can work with you throughout the whole pregnancy.