Maternity Wardrobe – Selecting the Basic Pieces

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dina Igoe, co-owner of Apple Seed Maternity & Baby Boutique in Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia discusses how to make your maternity wardrobe work for nine months including how to select the basic pieces.

    Dina Igoe: Hi! I am Dina Igoe, co-owner of Apple Seed Maternity & Baby Boutique. Today, I'm showing you how to build the perfect build maternity wardrobe. We are talking about your basic pieces that everybody should have in their wardrobe.

    I wanted to start with obviously, your black pants. They are going to really work for you especially during pregnancy, because you can wear them with so many different things. You can take them from day to night and even wear them on the weekends to a nice dinner. These are some of our best selling maternity pants from Olian. They are a great fit and look just like regular pants except that they have a really nice, stretchy belly for the expanding tummy. You can wear this up as Cameron has it right now or you can feel free to fold it over. In the beginning, a lot of people might want to do that, but actually towards the end of the pregnancy, the panel should really be up, because its a great support for your belly. The next piece that she has on is always a classic. Its Houndstooth. Houndstooth is the kind of print that never goes out of style and even thought its not -- it is a print, its black and white so it can go with any bottoms. This is a great top also because its got three-quarter length sleeve, so you can transition it through the seasons, you can wear it with jeans or to work and you can feel free to layer it with a nice sweater which is also another basic everybody should have. This is a great example of a sweater that can be maternity or non-maternity, but will definitely work for an expanding waist line, because its just so simple. Its a shift. it doesnt have any ties or buttons in the wrong places. So you can always wear it during the pregnancy and after. These are your three basic pieces and you can definitely mix and match them. I also want to talk about how this outfit is going to work for the end of your pregnancy. So after we come back, Cameron is going to put on the prosthetic belly and she will be nine months along.

    So now Cameron is definitely nine months along. She is still wearing that same Houndstooth top and the same black pants and it looks really great. The top is long enough to cover her belly and as you can see, expand to lift this up, the band is perfect. Its sort of a halfway point, but covers the belly button, so its very, very comfortable and really takes you till the very end. The top is also great, because the print is really nice for masking the size of the tummy so that you're not feeling like youve got a big balloon in here. Its actually great, it still looks great on her, a good basic and again, you can layer it with a sweater.

    Here is another great outfit that Cameron has on for both basic pieces that can be worn together or definitely separately. Everybody should have a basic pencil skirt. This is a really good example of one thats not black, because a lot of people especially maternity tend to wear black on top. So having a different color on the bottom is actually a really good thing. You can wear it with really nice work shoes or even boots in the winter time. Again, lets just show this part, it has got a really nice, stretchy belly that can grow with you as you grow. The back is also really nice. It gives you a little bit of a split right here, really kind of gives you another layer to a pretty simple pencil skirt.

    So, its a great basic. You can't even tell this is a maternity skirt which is the whole point. This top is also great. Its just your regular wrap top and wrap tops are the way to go during pregnancy, because you can tie them as tight are as loose as you want. This is a really good example of your basic black wrap shirt that can be a great work peace, you can tighten it or loosen it, you can tie this actually around the back or the side and its actually just a really nice basic shirt. Obviously, the length is going to let you grow as well. Of course, everyone has to have your little black dress.

    Here, I am showing a great dress by Olian. It has got a really nice, flowy sleeve that is great for the summer or the fall. And whats great about this dress is it is your basic black, you can wear it to work; it has got a really nice tie that you can tie on the side or the back and its just a very flattering fit. I am showing it with the pregnant belly, its nine months.

    So, this is at the very end and it clearly works and it works without the belly as well. So this is your last basic. In the next clip, we are going to talk about transitioning your clothing from season to season.