Maternity Wardrobe – Transitioning from Maternity to Post-Partum

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dina Igoe, co-owner of Apple Seed Maternity & Baby Boutique in Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia discusses how to make your maternity wardrobe work for nine months including how to transition from maternity to post-partum.

    Dina Igoe: Hi, I am Dina Igoe. I am co-owner of Apple Seed Maternity & Baby Boutique in Old Town, Alexandria, and today I am helping you build your perfect maternity wardrobe. Our last segment in this is actually postpartum wear as I am going to show you now. This is actually just a basic black tank top from Japanese Weekend, but its very convertible and you will see that as I show you. You can wear it definitely during your pregnancy. Its long enough, but yet its cut nice and slim, so that you can also wear it afterwards. Whats great about this top is that its actually perfect for nursing. Let me show you how that works. This has a nice underwear and then its pretty much easy access from there. You can definitely use it for this and you can also cover it up. This can also be a skirt, because these great straps come off.

    So, its definitely one piece that can be worn so many different ways. The last point in this which is even the best is that it has a little top that goes right over it. And now, you have a great transitional top that you can wear before during and after. And this is another great nursing top that you can definitely wear during your pregnancy, because its clearly long enough to accommodate a growing belly, but it is also cut nice and straight so you can wear it after as a little tunic top, and of course it is transitional to nursing, as Cameron is going to show. Its a great way to wear your maternity clothes after you are no longer pregnant.

    So, this is it for our tip on how to build the great maternity wardrobe. Lets go through them real quick, so that you know exactly what you do when the time comes. First, you got to start with the Bella Band, that is really going to help your clothes last longer, then make sure you know your maternity size, have somebody to help you, because those pieces should last you the whole time. You got to have a few of your basics and thats all you really need and you can mix and match those. Definitely get some quarter lengths sleeve tops and dresses, they can go through the seasons. Accessorize, because that is really the way to make the same clothes look differently, at different times day and night and definitely pick up a few transitional pieces like this. Thank you so much for being with us and we hope that you build yourself a wonderful maternity wardrobe.