Maternity Wardrobe – Transitioning to Casual

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dina Igoe, co-owner of Apple Seed Maternity & Baby Boutique in Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia discusses how to make your maternity wardrobe work for nine months including how to transition to casual.

    Dina Igoe: Hi! I am Dina Igoe, co-owner of Apple Seed Maternity & Baby Boutique in Old Town, Alexandria and today, I am helping you build the perfect maternity wardrobe. Right now, we are showing pieces that can transition from day to night. This is a great example. This is a nice suit, nice, brown suit from Olian and Cameron is wearing this great top from Maternal America that is actually the kind of color you can layer with black, brown or any other color suit that you have. This is a perfect work outfit. So here we have that same wonderful top from Maternal America. As you can see, it actually has a really nice modern design in the front; plenty of room for the growing belly and now Cameron has layered it with a nice chunky necklace for an evening out with friends or you know a nice dinner with the husband. If you turn around you can see that not only does it have a really nice looking front to it, but also an open back that makes it even more casual, great for the weekend, perfect!

    Here is another great option for transitioning your clothes day to night. For instance, this is a wonderful loose length suit. It is clearly very conservative. The pants have a nice hem making this a really nice pant for any work environment. The jacket is also is very nice, it has got three buttons, it is the perfect suit. You can also definitely wear this jacket with jeans as we are going to show you next. So here, we can see the same loose length jacket, sleeves are a little bit rolled up, it's open. Cameron has it on with this great pair of Olian jeans and it's a perfect little outfit for the daytime, brunch, on the weekend or even in the evening. So here is another way to really make your maternity clothes work for you. Wear the jacket during the day for work or at night with a nice pair of jeans. In the next clip, we are going to talk about accessorizing and how the same dress, top or pants can look completely different with the right kind of accessory.