Maximize Your Bowling Score With Alignment

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Storm Bowling expert Randy Pedersen demonstrates how to maximize your bowling score with proper alignment.

    Randy Pedersen: Hi everybody, I am Randy Pedersen for Storm Bowling Products. Today we are going to be talk about how you can use alignment to help maximize your scores.

    What is alignment, why is it so important? Well, it's simple. Alignment is where you are standing on the approach and what target you are looking at on the lane and why it's so important is because it helps build consistency.

    When you use a system you are going to start building consistency. If you stand wherever you want and look at whatever target you want, anytime you want, we really are not going to have any consistency there, are we?

    So whether we use our left foot or our right foot to pick a spot on the approach it, really doesn't matter as long as is it's a consistent method. So I like to use my left foot and let's say juts warming up I am going to stand on the 20th board. As I get warmed I can start seeing my ball motion.

    If my ball is hooking too much and going through the nose, I know that I now have to make an adjustment. What is that adjustment? Well it could be a couple of different things based on your bowling style, may be it's just me moving my feet to the left on the approach and leaving my target the same or may be it's me moving my target and my feet at the same time.

    It really depends on your bowling style, if you throw the ball straighter these adjustments are going to be very subtle. If you throw that big power ball obviously these adjustments are going to be greater.

    Use this alignment system, I guarantee you'll throw more strikes and your scores will improve.

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