Meditate To Improve Your Health

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness expert John Basedow discusses how meditation can improve your over all health.

    John Basedow: We all get wrapped up in everyday stress, but the combination of exercise and mediation will get your mind and body in a better place. Improve your health and get peace of mind with a little focus on reaching a happy mental place.

    Meditation can help center your mind for a workout and has many proven benefits on your overall health. Headaches sufferers report finding relief during the periods of inactivity and deep breathing can increase lung function up to 5% in just two weeks.

    When it comes to the brain, meditation has a positive effect on your memory and is helpful when dealing with problem solving. People trying to loose weight get the best benefits from meditation. It helps to increase focus, decreases loss of motivation and can help even improve will power.

    Before you exercise find a quite and comfortable place to sit or lie down. Breathe normally through your nose and focus on the rise and fall of your belly. If you find your mind wandering, focus on the sound of your breathing or repeat a word again and again to calm your restless thoughts.

    Meditation however doesn't have to mean sitting still. Try it while you workout and see how it improves your performance overtime. Run on the treadmill at a constant pace and focus on the sound of your breathing or the thud of your shoes hitting the rubber.

    With the right dedication to your mental health, you can successfully meditate your way to better physical health before you know it.