Meet the Man Who Gave Hedwig Her Awesome Look

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Hedwig and the Angry Inch is one of the hottest tickets on Broadway right now. After Neil Patrick Harris opened the show, actor Andrew Rannells took over the lead role — but soon, Dexter himself, Michael C. Hall, will have top billing. Hedwig is known for her over-the-top combination of hair and makeup, and we had the chance to meet the man who created her look, Mike Potter, to find out how he mixed glitter, glue, and his own Knock Out nail polishes to make theater history.

    Allie Merriam: One of the hottest tickets on Broadway right now is Hedwig and the Angry Inch and we are about to learn all the secrets behind Hedwig's look from hair and make-up artist Mike Potter.

    We are back stage of the Belasco Theatre, now this show began this year but your history with Hedwig actually goes back way farther.

    Mike Potter: Like 18 years.

    Allie Merriam: Yeah, so you headed the look for Hedwig, you had Neil Patrick Harris, now Andrew Rannells, soon Michael C. Hall, how did you make it so that everything would stay underneath the hot light, so did you wanted to - Mike Potter: It doesn't stay, it melts and it's supposed to -- if she looks fantastic for those first 10 minutes I am happy but then after that, that's off.

    Allie Merriam: Something might be saying on because you use Elmer's glue.

    Mike Potter: The purple disappearing glue stick. Most dry clean is like shade their eyebrows, but yeah, for this, the glue stick it just makes them disappeared.

    Allie Merriam: Now another important part of Hedwig's look is the nails and you actually use your Knock Out line in the costume.

    Mike Potter: Yeah I do, I have a matte nail polish line and all the hedwigs love them and Andrew does his own nails, he is in there, you catch him paint his nails, he loves the Knock Out. And Neil just started wearing them like at the Tony Awards and people started being like, why are you wearing nail polish? He would wear like these like chip blue glitter nails with his Tony.

    Allie Merriam: It seemed like Neil was really embodying hedwigging like took Hedwig home a little.

    Mike Potter: I would think, well, all of them do with all that glitter, it's probably like on their pillar cases, I would assume.

    Allie Merriam: How do you recommend that Neil, Andrew and soon Michael C. Hall sort of take care of their skin and unwind between shows?

    Mike Potter: Get into shower and like melt it off, don't scrub too hard, I mean, it's Mylar glitter, it's going to scratch like, but it's funny, I don't know why I feel like the glitter exfoliates their faces because they all look amazing.

    Allie Merriam: I am learning a lot in this convo that it's like use Elmer's glue for your make-up and exfoliate with glitter.

    Well thank you so much for chatting!

    Mike Potter: Oh thank you!

    Allie Merriam: It's been amazing being surrounded by Hedwig's wigs.

    Mike Potter: I appreciate it! Thank you POPSUGAR, I love it!

    Allie Merriam: Thank you, and you can see Hedwig and the Angry Inch on Broadway until January. Michael C. Hall starts October 16.