Memoir Writing – Printing and Binding

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Personal history publisher Kitty Axelson-Berry discusses how to print and bind it.

    Kitty Axelson-Berry: Hi! I am Kitty Axelson-Berry, President of Modern Memoirs publishing service. I am talking about how to publish and write your own memoir.

    And I now I'm going to discuss how to print and bind it. If you want your memoir to be read and read again, you will have to print and bind it which means gathering the pages and adhering them in a stable manner. Most people have one or 200 copies of their memoirs printed.

    It's nice to keep a backup copy on CD as well and even to have an E-book version created. I don't recommend tape, glue, 3-ring binders or spiral binder. It's far better to have pages printed, and sewn in signatures which were groups of 4, 8, 16, or 32 pages, or just sewn together in single sheets. And then, your book should be hard covered or you can work with the self-publishing company or go directly to a commercial printer. Make sure that every page is in the right sequence and bring it your copy shop for binding or bring it to your local bookbinding artist. If you have a local photocopy shop printing, find out what their best paper for your book is, and what kind of binding they can provide for you. Some shops, especially locally owned ones now offer good-quality binding. It usually takes at least two weeks.

    If you work with the professional printers and bindery, you will want to get a price first. You'll need to provide the following information: size of your book, quantity of your books; exact number of pages, colors of ink you want to be use, grade of materials to be used, whether or not there's dust jacket, the type of binding you want, and the type of covering; hardcover or soft cover. Hiring a publisher is like hiring any other service. The best price is not always the best experience. Once you've decided who is going to publish your books, that is print them, and bind them, ask what paper and binding options are available. I hope these videos help you write and publish your memoir. Good luck!