Memorializing Soldiers of Past Wars in Pensacola

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    The Veterans Memorial in Pensacola, Fl has many memorials dedicated to the Soldiers of past wars, one being Wall South the only existing replica of the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC.

    Brent Lane: Hi! This is Brent Lane in Pensacola, Florida. Today, we are at Veterans Memorial Park in Downtown, Pensacola and right behind me is Wall South, a monument dedicated to those men and women who served and died during the Vietnam War. Jill Hubbs: I come to the Wall South and I come to Pensacola Veterans Memorial Park on special occasions to remember my dad, to touch his name on those black granite panels and to just to remember him and to preserve his legacy. I dont want his sacrifice to be forgotten and because this park is here, because the Wall South is here, I know that long after I am gone, my fathers legacy will be preserved and his memory wont be forgotten. Brent Lane: Its the nations only permanent replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial located in Washington DC and it lists the names of all 58,217 Americans killed or missing in action in the Vietnam War. Jack Brown: you cannot feel the presence of the men and women who are honored here and when you go to that the wall and stand at the apex, you can feel their presence. Brent Lane: The Park also includes a World War I Memorial, a World War II Memorial, a Korean War Memorial, as well as a monument dedicated to the World War II submarine life saving league. Jack Brown: The Submarine life savers, same group of people that picked up downed aviators in the Pacific in World War II, in fact, picked up our first President Bush. And we have a monument to the Marine Corps Aviation, the Bell Tower that you see in the background, thats our most recent monument. Brent Lane: The amazing thing about this place is not one dime of tax payer money is used for maintenance and upkeep. Every penny spent comes from donations. Most of it raised by the very people this Wall supports. Jill Hubbs: The Wall South was started by a group of veterans that felt that it was really important that we should have a Veterans Memorial Park for Vietnam Veterans here to honoring those from every American conflict that we have been in and to making sure that their sacrifices isnt forgotten, that their memory is preserved, that their legacies are right here in the park. Brent Lane: There is also an additional space for memorials which maybe added to the park in the future. Jack Brown: It makes for a beautiful place for reflection, for visit, for pictures. It gives you the kind of experience that will bring you back to Pensacola. Brent Lane: With such a Military presence in Pensacola, its only fitting that such a beautiful park is there for its veterans. I am Brent Lane in beautiful Downtown, Pensacola.