Men’s Grooming Tools – Part 1

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Grooming Lounge co-founder Pirooz Sarshar explains some of the various grooming tools for men.

    Pirooz Sarshar: Hi! I am Pirooz Sarshar, Co-Founder of The Grooming Lounge. I am showing you the basics of hand and feet grooming. My first exposure to nail care was -- thanks to my dad basically, he taught me all the importance of taking care of my hands and feet. My dad might have taught me 100 things and 99 of them I forgot, but for some reason, the nail thing always stuck with me. And he used to always tell me, son a mans hands and how he takes care of his nails, say a lot about him.

    Before we begin, its important to know that you need separate sets of tools for your hands and for your feet. Using the same tools for both can spread bacteria, infections and it just doesnt work. First off, you will need a good hand wash like this one. And why is it important to use that moisturizing hand wash, well for one thing, soaps dry out your hands. And when a soap sits in your sink, it builds up, there is residue on there, there is dirt on there, bacteria sticks to it. So, a great hand wash, like this one here, is perfect, by your kitchen sink and your bathroom sink.

    Next, youll need a nail brush, like this guy over here. Now, I use a nail brush in the shower and what I like to do is I like to use it with a scrub and I take advantage of it and I get rid of all the dead skin on my nails, which is something I will show you a little bit later. But this nail brush is kind of neat because, you use this side right here, to clean underneath the nails when your hands are wet, which Ill show you. And you use the top to clean the nails themselves, the bed and the surface of your nails.

    Next, youll need a pair of fingernail and toenail clippers. Now, if you notice, my fingernail clipper is a lot smaller than my toenail clipper and the reason you need separate ones is that, first off, you dont want to use the same tools on your feet that you are using on your hands, vice versa, because you dont want to spread infection or bacteria.

    Second, if you notice, both of these have catchers right here. Now, how many times you have clipped your toenails, by the carpet, in the kitchen, or even in your bathroom and a woman just walked in and stepped on something, what they would call a sharp object, but it ended up really being your nail. So, the advantage of these catchers is that, when you clip your nails all the leftover nails that you have cut get caught in this little catcher right here, okay. And the other difference between these two is that, the blades are a little, are about the same but a little different. If you notice, this is longer, because youre going to have to reach over, to cut your toenails, like we are going to show you shortly. And this is a little smaller, because you can just hold it in your hands and just cut away.

    Mens nails should not extend beyond the tip of the finger or toe. You should clip your finger nails at least once a week to keep them tidy and neat and your toenails every other week, because they grow a little slower than your fingernails.

    To keep the nails smooth and nicely shaped youll need a nail file. They are many different kinds. As you see, I have two different kinds here. Some are ceramic, some are made out of metal. And I use these for two different reasons, I use the bigger ones here, the ceramic one here on my toenails and I use this one here, that kind of looks like a knife as well, on my fingernails. And edge here, the little sharp pointy area here is use to clean out underneath your nails, which I am going to show you later. And as you know, sometimes when you cut your fingernails or toenails, everything is not perfect. There could be uneven ridges, some areas might be sharper, sticking out, so I use the file part here to round out and smooth out the edges.

    Since nails aren't always smooth on top, you can use a buffer, which is used to buff the surface of the nail. Its square shaped just like this one and its not rough as a regular file. And after filing the tips of your nails, move the buffer over the surface of your nails in one direction, just like when you are filing. It will leave the nail surface smooth. And we are going to show you this later when we do our manicure and pedicure.

    Another important tool is the cuticle pusher, which is this guy right here. Since some of you maybe wondering, what the hell is a cuticle, let me pause for a quick explanation. Your cuticle is the thin strip of your skin at the base of your nail. The cuticle serves a very important purpose, it serves as a barrier to prevent bacteria from entering the body underneath the nail right here. So, we know what a cuticle is and why its so critical to take care of them.

    Let me tell you about the tools youll need to care for them first. First youll need what's called the cuticle oil. Cuticle oil is applied directly to the cuticle and it helps soften and prepare it for the next tool on your list, the cuticle pusher, which is this guy that I had up earlier. The Cuticle Pusher does exactly what it sounds like, it does. It pushes back the cuticle, be sure that if you do venture into a salon for a professional manicure, that the manicure does not cut your cuticle. If they do cut your cuticle, this is usually a bad sign. It can either be really terrible training or this is not the appropriate place for you to get your nails done.

    Next tool we have is called the hangnail trimmer. Now, it looks a little scary, it looks like a surgeons tool. And it is kind of like a tweezer, but you use this when there is that extra dry dead skin hanging off the side of your nail, to eliminate and cut it off. Now, if you are the type of person that receives your mail via Pony Express, you may not like to use a fingernail or a toenail clipper. So, the old school way of doing this is, using a nail scissor, just like this one right here. They are usually very, very sharp. You have to be very careful with them. And when you are using it, you want to use your thumb as the source with the pressure.

    Next, we have an ingrown toenail file. And if you have ever had an ingrown toenail it hurts like a mother. So, what this tool does, it helps dig it out, clean up the areas around it and it helps prevent further bacteria and infection. So, these are all the tools you need to work on your nails. Up next, we are going to teach you about some other solutions that might be helpful as well.