Men’s Grooming Tools – Part 2

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Grooming Lounge co-founder Pirooz Sarshar explains a few of the various grooming tools for men.

    Pirooz Sarshar: Hi Im Pirooz Sarshar, Co-Founder of the Grooming lounge. Today, Im teaching of the importance of taking care of your hands and feet. Up next, Im going to teach you about some other solutions that are going to be helpful in achieving groomed hands and feet. The next tool is one of my favorite tools, its a Nail File Pick. Its a four-in-one tool. I take one on the road with me whenever Im traveling and I got one in the car and of course one in my bathroom. Its a really cool tool; its a four-in-one tool. You have the 360 degree scrubbing ring, right here and then you also have the brush, the nail brush in the back. You have to pick the use here in the front to help get out any dirt underneath your nails and any of the file on the side to file your nails. What else can you ask for? Some of you out there, are going to think this is a guitar pick but this is in something I recommend using to play music. The next two tools are actually kind of fun, they are both Pedro Stones. The one right here, the smaller one is for your hands. Some of us are prone to calluses, you know, whether were lifting weights, doing some gymnastics, working our hands in different ways and if you notice one area -- this side here is a little rough and you can feel my fingers sort of against it, and thats used to remove all the dead skin and it helps actually remove the callus, where the softer side is use to buff and soften and smooth up the hands and the calluses. Next, we have a Pedro Stone for the feet, very similar to the last tool, it has two sides. The rough side is used to eliminate the dead skin and the softer side is used to smooth and soften the feet.

    Next, what we have, its a powder. Just like this right here for some special effect. So, some of you are wondering, why you need a powder? Well, the purpose of the powder is, some of us have very sweaty feet, so if youre waking some days, it feels like youre actually slipping and sliding in your shoes or in the summer time when those of us who try to wear Loafers and our feet sweat, this is a great-great tool. So before you put on shoes or before you put on some socks, you want to spray some of this powder into your socks or shoes, put them on and you will notice that this will really help your feet from sweating and slipping and sliding as youre walking. Next, two items are your moisturizers. We have one for your hands and one for you feet and you might wonder, why is it important to moisturize? Well, first of all think about all the abuse that hand goes through and think about how many times you wash your hands and how dry they get? This is very simple concept, keep one by your bed or keep one in the car and once or twice a day when you come home from working, and you wash your hands, apply little bit of moisturizer.

    What that does, it keeps your hands looking young and healthy and it gives you a bit of hydration at the same time and it creates some balance in your skin. The feet on the other hand, think about it, we just stand on them all day. We abuse our feet, we walk all over place and it doesnt matter whether your feet are sweaty, dry, it really makes the difference. Its really important to moisturize your feet, especially if youre getting really dry calluses or if you have really dry flaky skin around your feet, it means your feet are dying for hydration. So a foot cream is one of the best things as you can use on your feet. Take about a, dime size to a quarter size and work it all the way through.

    Next weve a foot spray. Foot spray, like this could be use for many different purposes. If youre feet itch or if you know, what we call scratchy feet, if your feet smell, if youre prone to funguses, this is a really great tool to use. So when I recommend using this, is at night, prior to going to bed, if you havent showered, wash your feet, clean your feet, spray some of the spray on there around your toes specially, in between your toes underneath your feet, let it soak in and absorb and then moisturize. In the next segment, Im going to use some of these tools to actually teach you a home manicure.