Men’s Haircut

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Stylist Christina Perry, owner of Pure Salon and Spa demonstrates how to cut hair at home including tips for a man’s haircut.

    Christina Perry: Hi, my name is Christina Perry, owner of Pure Salon and Spa in Littleton, Colorado. I am going to show you how to cut hair at home. The first one I am going to show you is the men's haircut. Here are the items that you will need for your men's haircut. Typically in a clipper set that you buy from the grocery store or a beauty supply store, it comes with the clippers. It comes with several guards. Oil to keep the life of the clippers longer. A brush to clean the hair out when you are finished. A comb. Some clipper sets will come with some scissors that you can use. You will also need a cape, or if you don't have a hair cutting cape, you can also use a garbage bag and cut a hole in the top of it for your head. First, you will put the cape around. You want to also comb the hair before you do anything with it, so that there aren't any snags or knots. The best way to cleanup a men's haircut between actual haircuts is just to clean around the neckline, over the ears, and around the sideburns. You can cleanup around the section with edgers, but I am going to show you how to actually just use your clippers, because it's cheaper that way; that way you don't have to go out and buy an extra set of edgers. Make sure you use your clippers on the shortest setting to cleanup around the neckline and around the ears and sideburns. Turn them around and press into the neckline where you want to begin cleaning up. Once you have the shape that you want the neckline to be, turn your clippers around and go up against the grain of the hair, to cleanup around the neck. Now we are going to do the same thing at the sideburns that we did at the back of the neck. Just cut into the sideburns, where you want them to begin, and then go over the ear just a little bit to clean up that extra hair that was hanging. You could just stop at this point to prolong the life of your haircut. Now, I am going to show a basic clipper cut for men who like their hair a little bit shorter. If you are not sure of the length of guard that you want to use, make sure you start out with the longest guard possible at first. You can either start at the bottom and work your way up or start at the top and work your way down, it doesn't really matter. Make sure you go against the way the hair is growing. Many people's hair grows in different directions, especially on the top of the head, so start going one direction with the clippers and then change up the direction, by going backward to forward, forward to backward. You can also go from side to side to make sure you get all the long pieces that you may have missed. Always use your clippers on dry hair only. Make sure you keep your comb in your other hand because you constantly want to be combing down the hair, because it will get brushed up with your flippers. Sometimes the clippers don't get every little straggler that's in the front of the head, so what you could do is take the scissors that come with your kit, what you can do is just comb this part of the hair down, and just kind of cut the little pieces that you see hanging. This is the completed version of your at home haircut. Cleaning up the hair off the floor is very easy, all you do is sweep it up and throw it in the trashcan. I recommend just sweeping the hair up instead of vacuuming, because if you vacuum up too much hair, the vacuum may get clogged. Next, we will talk about how to do a women's haircut at home.