Men’s Shaving – Myths and Tips

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Pirooz Sarshar, co-founder of the Grooming Lounge, demonstrates how to achieve the perfect shave including some of the common shaving myths and tips.

    Pirooz Sarshar: Hi! I am Pirooz, co-founder of the Grooming Lounge. Today I am going to teach you how to achieve the perfect shave. In my next segment I am going to talk to you about shaving myths and tips.

    Myth number one or tip number one, we spoke about it earlier is all that foam necessary? Do you need more lather? Or does all that lather help you get a better shave? My answer to that is no it doesn't man, because what that does is just all it does is just adds more -- it doesn't even add any cushion on your face. It's just a product that's put on your face, that gets in the way of your razor. So how is it helping you if your razor can't touch your skin and when all that foam isn't touching your skin? And as you can you see and as I told you earlier because I am using products that don't contain alcohol or any harsh ingredients I get a close and clean shave without any nicks or cuts. It doesn't matter if I tell you it is moisturizing, it doesn't matter if it is a gel that foams up. Foam does absolutely nothing. Next myth, shaving downwards. Well it's really not shaving downwards, it's called going with the grain. So you have a choice of going with the grain and if your skin is sensitive where if you have a tendency to break out or bump up, I advice you to just go against the grain. Those of us who have a thicker beard or skin is enough sensitive or have trained our beards, it's okay for you to go against the grain and against the grain means going against the direction of growth with the grain which most people call going down is going with the direction of growth.

    Next myth, do I use the same brand for all? Well not necessary. If you notice I cocktailed just like creating a cocktail making a mixed drink. I cocktailed a shave oil and a shave cream together. Although they are from the same brand I could cocktail that shave oil with any shave cream I want or vice versa. So no, you are not stuck to one particular brand. It's fun to actually cocktail product and if you are using well made products there is no problem with cocktail.

    Next myth soap. As I explained earlier soap is drying to the face, it's got very harsh astringents in it that strip away all the moisture on you face. So the goal is always wash your face and cleanse before you start to shave and you don't want to use the same soap that you just use cleaning other body areas, other private parts or things like that. Why would you put that on your face? So what I recommend doing is using a cleanser. So soap is bad, targeted cleanser is good.

    Next myth, water. Cold water, hot water hot water cold water. Well, I like I said in the beginning I advice you to start shaving after you have taken a hot shower because the steam and the heat will open up pores and soften your beard. That's the best time to shave is right after a shower. You never want to walk up to the mirror and start shaving, okay. And when you are finished with your shave I advice you to use cooler or colder water to close the pores and shut everything back down. Most people think oh, I need to use hot water when I finish the shave. Not at all you want to close your pores back down, and you want to cool your face back down. Now in the next segment I am going to teach you about some basic tools and equipment you need to have to get the perfect shave.