Men’s Skin Care – Cleansing

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Skin Care Expert Pirooz Sarshar demonstrates cleansing the skin for men.

    Pirooz Sarshar: Hi! I am Pirooz Sashar, Co-Founder of the Grooming Lounge. Today, I am going to teach you about the basics of men's skin care. To begin a great skin care routine, there are four steps that we need to follow, cleansing, exfoliating, toning and moisturizing. So the first thing I am going to teach you is how to wash your face properly. How to cleanse properly? Now what do you use to wash your face? In most cases, most of us guys use this bar of soap. We usually find it in the shower or in the toilet somewhere. We pick it up, we wash our hands with it and then we will go pish-pish-pish, like this, and just wash our face and throw it to the side where mildew and residue, sort of, build up on the soap.

    Plus with this soap, when you are cleaning yourself in the shower, you have to understand that you are cleaning private body parts and other parts of your body with this. Then you are going to take this soap and put it on your face. We don't really recommend that. What we do recommend is using a targeted cleanser. The difference between a cleanser and a soap is that a cleanser is a product that removes dirt, oil and bacteria. Cleansers can come in many forms. If you go back to the beginning, when we talked about the four skin types, the oily skin, the combination skin, the acne prone skin and the aged skin. There is a different type of targeted cleanser for each of these skin types.

    So since I have combination skin and most of you have combination skin out there, we are going to use a basic cleanser. Most basic cleansers or a good cleanser are very high in concentrated ingredients, cosmaceuticals and botanicals. If you are ready, we will begin to wash the face now. I am going to take the cleanser, just like so. I am going to use about a dime size, like this. I am going to work it through the water, just like this. I am going to clean my entire face. You will notice that when I am using this cleanser, I am going to go in a circular motion as I wash my face.

    The thing to remember is when you are washing your face, you want to work on all the detailed areas, areas you normally miss, behind the nostrils, the forehead, the neck especially. The second important thing here is that you want to wash your face twice a day. Now the best time to wash your face is in the morning before you shave, so you have a fresh palette to put your razor on and shave away and when you come home at night. We also recommend washing your face after rigorous exercise or if you are outside in the heat or in the humidity and what not. So let's go ahead and begin. I am going to turn on the water. I have the cleanser in my hands. Now you will notice I am going to start and I am going to start washing my face in a circular motion as I said. By washing my face in a circular motion, it's just like this. Notice how I am working on all the details. I don't open my eyes because I don't want the cleanser to get in my eyes, but I am not doing this. This is what we are used to as guys.

    I am taking my time, I like my face and I want to treat my face the way I like to treat my face. I want to treat my face in a nice way. So I am going to wash it properly and I am going to take my time, just like this in a circular motion. You will notice me looking in the mirror. This product is very concentrated, like I said. So watch, I can reuse the cleanser. I am going to wash my neck.

    I am doing this in the morning. A great tip for you is to push up the hair on the neck and on the beard because it's going to help you get a closer shave. Next, I am going to do this for about 30 seconds, not any longer. I am going to get all the details. Now I am ready to rinse. Notice, I don't use the towel like a sand paper. I just blot my face. I pat my face dry. I am not drying my face. I am just taking my time and blotting which is much better for your face. It's a lot easy on your face. Especially if you have sensitive skin, you don't want to rub the towel really harshly on your face. In the next segment, I am going to teach you about exfoliation.