Men’s Skin Care – Eye Care

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Skin Care Expert Pirooz Sarshar discusses eye care for men.

    Pirooz Sarshar: Hi! I am Pirooz Sarshar, Co-Founder of the Grooming Lounge. Today, I have been teaching you the basics of men's skin care. In this segment, I am going to teach you all about eye treatments.

    Eye treatments are creams that are applied over and underneath the eyes. It's ingredient differ depending on the problem that you have with your eyes. So the key is do not use moisturizer underneath your eyes because eye creams and eye products contain different ingredients that work in this very sensitive area.

    Now what are some common problems that most men have with their eyes. Well, dark circles. Dark circles can occur from the lack of vitamins. They can be treated with products that contain Kojic acid. Bags, you have a baggy eyes. What's the best way to treat baggy eyes? Well, I recommend using an individual tea bag and just laying it on your eyes. Believe it or not, it sounds kind of funny, it sounds kind of silly, but a cucumber. The next problem is puffy eyes or if you are like me last yesterday night, hangover eyes. Hangover eyes are a little different because the best way to treat those are with cooling gels. Now the key is in applying the cream the right way. Most people abuse this area and they end up getting scratched skin around their eyes and they end up with a lot more damage than good. There are eye creams that do have SPF in then also. So if you are going to be out in the sun and exposed to the sun at the beach or at the swimming pool, I do recommend using an SPF.

    So let me teach you how to put on the eye cream properly. Then you can go through and figure out what your problem is, whether you have baggy eyes, puffy eyes, dehydrated eyes, hangover eyes. You will pick up the best product for your eyes, but this is how you do it.

    Basically, take a little bit of product and put a tiny bit on your ring fingers. Then what I do is I take the product and watch, I tap it in this area, just like, very lightly. I don't push it, I don't push my eyes in. I just tap the area underneath my eye and a little above my eyes, just like this, and mainly in this area here.

    You need to be patient. You are not going to get results in 2 minutes, you are not going to get results overnight. This is something that you need to do on a consistent basis and this is just like working out. You need to do it often, you need to do it everyday.

    As you age, your skin starts to loose more and more water and loses more collagen. This is the first area you start noticing the wrinkles and this is the first area you start to see go, what they call, the laugh line right here. So one thing I advise you to do when you are outside is do not squint and to wear your sunglasses, because by squinting and looking at the light, what that does is it actually causes those fine lines and wrinkles. In the next segment, I am going to teach you about anti-aging.