Men’s Skin Care – Masking

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Skin Care Expert Pirooz Sarshar demonstrates masking for men.

    Pirooz Sarshar: Hi! I am Pirooz Sarshar, co-founder of The Grooming Lounge. Today I am teaching you the basics of men's grooming. In this segment, we are going to talk about masking.

    Now you are probably wondering what's on my face and how this all happened. Well let's go ahead and take a few steps back and I am going to show you how this mask was applied on my face.

    I am going to show you how to apply a mask, and I recommend applying a mask at least once a week. So what I do is I take about two quarter size and I start working it on my face just like so. I cover as much as I can, I cover my T-zone.

    Now mask come in different forms, so if you have a more sensitive skin you are going to use a mask for sensitive skin, if your skin is prone to acne you are going to use a mask that contains salicylic acid or ingredients that help battle acne. If your skin is aged or dry, you are going to use a lighter mask for aged dry skin and the mask I am using is what most of us would use for combination skin. It's like this.

    Now when is the best time to mask? Well you have probably seen your wife mask, your mom mask, your girlfriend mask, but my favorite time to mask is my gentlemen's time, that's Monday night football. I like to mask when I am watching a good football game. I usually leave it on for 10 minutes, I let it settle and what the mask does at that point is, it draws out all the impurities, it infuses my skin with nutrients, masks contain oxygen, which push oil and bacteria out of the pores, and they help tighten and tone the skin.

    Now that the mask has been on my face for 10 minutes and if you have noticed, I am not laughing, feeling silly, or making any kind of expressions, I am going to take the mask off and the way I do that is I do it with -- I apply warm water. I make sure my water is warm, and slowly, I start washing the mask off. When I am rinsing my mask off, I am getting every little detail and making sure I don't leave any of my mask residue on. I don't want to look like that I put make up on.

    Okay, once I am done, I take the towel, blot my face, make sure I have got every little detail. I can tell you that after applying this mask, my facial is tighter, feels clean and it feels fresh.

    In the next segment, I am going to teach you how to take care of your eyes.