Men’s Skin Care – Using Sun Screen

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Skin Care Expert Pirooz Sarshar dicusses using sun screen for men.

    Pirooz Sarshar: Hi! I am Pirooz Sarshar, co-founder of The Grooming Lounge. Today, I am teaching you the basics of men's skin care. In this segment, I am going to teach you about sunscreens and the importance of wearing a sunscreen. Now most of us assume that you only wear a sunscreen when you go to the beach or when you are at the pool or when you are playing basketball outside.

    You should wear sunscreen everyday, even on cloudy days, even on rainy days, it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter that what the color of your skin is, whether you have black skin, darker skin, the sun's rays are damaging. The UVA and the UVB lights are the number one cause of aging and they can cause skin cancer. So, everyday before you leave the house, 30 minutes prior to leaving you should apply sunscreen on your face. Now what does SPF mean? SPF means sun protection factor and what and how much do we recommend. Well, most dermatologists recommend using an SPF of 15 and up. What we recommend is using anything from 15 to 30. And if you are outside exercising, it's important to re-apply the SPF or if you are swimming or if you are at the beach, it's important to re-apply your SPF every two hours because it does tend to wear off your skin.

    But you will notice that if you start wearing an SPF, daily that you will get less and less wrinkles, there will be less and less lines and there will be no age spots at all on your face, okay.

    Now SPFs come in many different forms as I said. Some are - you know some SPFs are oil free, some SPFs are heavier because there are in SPF 30, some go upto 40 some go upto 50 and what not. What I would like to do and what I recommend for most guys is I like the moisturizer I use because it's an oil free moisturizer. So what I do daily before I leave the house is I always apply a little bit of my moisturizer and I blend it with what's called the booster.

    Now this solar booster contains an SPF of 30, so it's just like putting SPF on my face except the way I boosted is I blended with my moisturizer just like this, just a little bit like this.

    What I liked about the booster is it doesn't have that stinky SPF smell and if you buy a good SPF or if you buy great -- really well made sunscreen, it won't have that beachy coconutty smell that we -- as mens just do not enjoy or like and really, really inferior SPF meaning, SPF that you buy that's not great, that doesn't have great quality or it's not a high great quality. Usually it's a lot oilier and your SPF shouldn't be oily and you shouldn't sweat when you put your SPF on because this is something that man complain to us all the time.

    So I have taken my oil free moisturizer and my booster and I am working the two together just like this, doesn't really smell like SPF and I apply it on my face and like I said you want to apply it all over before you leave the house.

    Now if you shave your head or if you are bald, you want to use some of these SPF on your scalp. It doesn't matter if you wear a hat, it doesn't matter if its cloudy outside, you need to wear SPF everyday. So I usually do this 30 minutes before I leave the house, because we need for that, an half hour for the SPF and for the ingredients and for the moisturizers to kick in and penetrate into my skin, like so.

    Most important is you want to cover your ears because if you are out in the sun, your ears are very sensitive and they can burn, just like this. So I got my ears covered, I got my face covered, I am shielded, I am ready to go out in the sun. In the next segment, I am going to teach you about masking.