Meters & Gauges for Guitar Hero III

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Video game expert Russel Baldonado shows a few tips for succeeding at Guitar Hero III.

    Russel Baldonado: Hello everyone; Russel Baldonado; Guitar Hero expert. In this clip we'll be talking about the meters and gauges that make up the heads of this play. So let's bring up the game.

    So when you're playing the game there are three sections on the screen that you have to pay attention to. One of them is here in the middle which is like a scrolling guitar neck with buttons on the bottom. On the left of it you've got your points and streak meter. Finally, on the right you've got your star power and rock gauge. The rest of the stuff in the background, you don't really need to worry about. It's all for show.

    So the first one we'll talk about is the scrolling guitar neck. This is where the main objective of the game lies. As you can see, this is where the notes scroll down for you to play and on the bottom of the guitar neck you'll see five fret buttons that correspond to the five fret buttons on your guitar. So you see me here playing it and when I press green or yellow then it will also be pressed on the screen. This allows you to see what buttons you are pressing without having you look at your guitar and losing your place.

    To the left of that you've got your points counter. You'll see that each time you're playing a note correctly your points get added there. Below that you've got your streak meter and on your streak meter you have these five light bulbs that you need to fill up. When you hit a streak of ten notes, all five light bulbs will be lit and you get a multiplier for your points. So the longer the streak goes the higher the multiplier and the bigger points you get. Once you reach 25 notes you'll see a little counter pop-up there to count up how many notes you get in a row. On the opposite side you've got your rock gauge, so this lets you know how much you rock or how much you, well, it'll let you know if you need more practice. So but if you're doing well and you're hitting the right notes, the crowd loves you, you're in the green. But if you start messing up and missing too many notes, this little gauge is going to slide over to the red and eventually, you'll get booed off stage.

    Essentially, it's like you know that you're losing and you better pick up your game and start rocking out or else the game will stop. Above the rock gauge you've got these little light bulbs for your star power. Fill up the bulbs and you can start using your star powers to energize the crowd and score bigger points.