Miami City Guide – Lodging

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Whether you are looking for a penthouse suite or a budget bedroom, Miami’s lodging choices provide you with a near infinite number of possibilities.

    Carol Klopfer: Miami's accommodations are sure to ensure sweet dreams with options for every style, budget and desire. Choose from cutting edge hotels, Art Deco boutiques, they are luxurious and family-friendly tropical resorts. Miami has the highest concentration of boutique and lifestyle hotels in the country, each with its own unique design, identity, and allure, offering discerning travelers personalized service, as well as luxurious and often creative in-room perks and amenities.

    When traveling with kids and tot, Miami has an assortment of accommodations for very age and budget. National chains and luxury resorts offer family-friendly amenities like cool pools, kids clubs, and activities in prime beachside real estate, to ensure everyone has fun in the sun. Miami's luxury hotels will surely fit the bill when you need to get away from it at all. Whether you choose to stay at a famously lavish Landmark Hotel or more Contemporary Oasis, each will ensure you relax amidst five-star luxury.

    History and art buffs will appreciate South Beach's Art Deco District which has kept Miami Beach on the map as a place to see NB Scenes since the 1920s. People still come from all over to view the city's vast collection of more than 800 pastel-hued whimsical and historic buildings. When there is eclectic mix of Hotel & Resort properties ranging from historic to modern, grand scale the intimate, Miami has secured its status as a first-class international destination.