Miami – Cuisine

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Miami orders up a wide variety of stunning culinary achievements. From fine dining to bargain meals, Miami cuisine hits the spot.

    Carol Klopfer: Miami has joined the ranks as a serious culinary destination. Thanks to its dazzling array of International dining venues to suit the taste of the sophisticated and casual alike. Miami is the birthplace of New World Floribbean cuisine, famous for it's blending of fresh seafood and tropical fruits and vegetables, inspired by Caribbean and Latin American dishes together with time honored European cooking techniques.

    Those who want a meal with a view, will find plenty that pleases in Miami, where restaurant situated on prime oceanfront property will not disappoint. Be sure to check out the patio at Smith & Wollensky's offering unparalleled views of the down time skyline along with an endless parade of ships passing through the channel, and if you simply prefer to people watch, Alfresco Cafes are a quintessential part of any Miami dining experience. When you want to put together an authentic Miami meal, look to the city's farmers and fish markets for fresh and often organic ingredients. Several culinary talents call Miami home, including celebrity Chef Michelle Bernstein and Norman Van Aiken, originator of the world famous, New World Cuisine.

    Chef Michelle Bernstein: I would describe the food scene as eclectic, as exciting, as passionate, there is always a new thrill, you will never really know what you are going to get, because the food is so flavorful and exciting. We are developing a name of our own. Whether it's a plate of just caught stone crabs or an artistically presented new world dish, for a shot Cuban coffee from a walk-up caf window, Miami offers everything, one should expect from a full-fledged International culinary hotspot.