Miami – Overview

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Never been to Miami? Get an overview on all the excitement Miami, Florida has to offer.

    Carol Klopfer: Miami is a sizzling hot destination that draws people from all walks of life. Whatever your passion, be it dining, be arts, sports, film or fashion, Miami will host a world-class event sure to draw diverse crowds from all over.

    You can rest your head in luxury at sleek modern hotels, cozy art deco boutiques, elegant historic properties or tropical oasis resorts. This eclectic potpourri of lodging options is as diverse as the people who visit and make Miami home.

    And if food is your passion you will appreciate Miami's reputation as a global melting pot that suits the sophisticated and casual alike.

    If shopping is your guilty pleasure, you're in good company, as people flock from all corners of the globe to shop in Miami's art galleries, name brand outlet stores, and upscale malls. And if you're planning a visit with hopes of tying a knot, Miami's tropical cosmopolitan surroundings are the perfect backdrop for a destination wedding.

    Miami's reputation, as 'the place' to party, is well deserved. Thanks to a nightlife scene that stay sizzling well into the wee hours. The city's all night dance clubs, venerable music joints and celebrity hotspots are sure to keep you entertained until the sun comes up.

    And when the sun does rise, the city's mix of unique natural wonders and family-friendly attractions offer you a chance to view this exciting city in another life.

    Miami offers visitors the best of all worlds. Express yourself!