Mineral Makeup – Concealer

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Makeup artist Frankie Posgai demonstrates how to apply mineral makeup, specifically concealer.

    Frankie Posgai: Hi, my name is Frankie. I am with Kismet Cosmetics and I am here to show you how to achieve a flawless finish look using all mineral makeup. Now, in this clip, I am going to show you how to apply concealer. I know this is kind of reverse. Most makeup artist do concealer before the powder, but I like to do concealer after because like I said less is more with mineral makeup and most times if you use just your powder you will find that it's enough for you. Now, when you are done with your powder if you notice you have some imperfections you want to cover up. Go ahead and use your concealer.

    So what I do with the concealer is just take it out of the tube. If it comes in a pot, go ahead and use a brush or use your finger whatever you are comfortable with. I am very comfortable with my hand, so I am going to use my finger, and I am going to have my model look up and what you want to do is I am just going to want to just tap it right underneath the eye area and be sure to be very gentle because the skin around the eye is very thin. So don't pull and push, so just kind of blend, just like this.

    Sibel was abroad as you can tell us she is really tan, and this concealer maybe looking a little too dark. What you can do with that if your concealer is looking too dark or too light go ahead and get your primer and this is just diluted and make it look perfect for under her eyes and you can also just bring it over the eyes before you do eye shadow. This will work as a primer, like a eye shadow base for you. It's just like if you were doing conventional makeup. There is no big difference aside from the buffing with the powder, and now she has concealer on and I am going to finish up the other eye, come back and show you how to do a mineral bronzer or blush.