Mineral Makeup – Eye Liner and Mascara

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Makeup artist Frankie Posgai demonstrates how to apply mineral makeup, specifically eye liner and mascara.

    Frankie Posgai: Hi! My name is Frankie Posgai with Kissmet Cosmetics and I am here to show you how to achieve a flawless finished look using all Mineral Makeup. In this clip we are going to be showing you how to put on your eyeliner and mascara.

    With eyeliner color it's really again up to you what you like what you feel comfortable and maybe you want to do a brown for daytime and you want to do a black for night time. On my model Seibel today I am going to be doing a black, because I think it looks better on she likes it, I like it, hope you like it.

    So, what you want to do is, you want to use your ring finger, and just slightly lift your eyelid up, don't pull to tight like I said, the skin around the eye is very, very dedicated and sensitive. So, you want to just tug up a little bit and you want to take your eyeliner and just go to ride over your lash line.

    This is a trick that will make your lash look fuller than they really are, because what it does, it fill in the gap between your eyelashes and just go all the way in just like that. If you like a very soft natural look, you want to stop at that, if you like a more defined look, you can take it up in a notch.

    And Mineral Makeup is so great, because it doesn't feel heavy at all, is very weight less and it's good for your skin. So, you know it's not like it's going to clog your pores just have fun with it, just have fun with it.

    For the first time we have makeup that's good for our skin, we can actually do whatever we want, and you are not worry that, you know maybe you're going to breakout, later it's going to pores, this, this doesn't harm your and it's very weightless.

    Some people step there, but I'm going to go ahead and do underneath her eye, because I want to achieve a very defined look for her. And if that's what you're going for, go ahead and just go right in there, (don't poke your eye, don't drink coffee before you do this) just go ahead and line right in there just like this.

    And it should be fine, if it's smudging a little bit use your finger to blend it down I would give you a more smudge, smokey look. I think it looks great and then you are going to take your mascara. You are, if you are doing this yourself you probably can be looking down and doing it. So, you want to look into your mirror in the vanity, and you want to just go ahead, and deposit some color up top, and then just go ahead and brush it out. And I am going to finish up the other eye. And this is how you achieve a flawless finish using all Mineral Makeup. I hope I've helped you to understand Mineral Makeup a little better today. The key points that I would like for you to take from this video is that Mineral Makeup is very forgiving. So, don't get scared if its looks too heavy, its looks too much, go ahead and blend it down. It's very important so it little goes a long, which saves your money.

    It's good for your skin you are going to need virtually no touch up during the day, and if you are doing this for a wedding, it's water resistant. So, if you share if tips to joy your make is not going to come running down your cheeks. Remember ladies have fun, wear your makeup according to how you feel, don't let anybody dictate to you what works for you, if you like it then its working.

    Thank you for watching.