Mineral Makeup – Foundation

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Makeup artist Frankie Posgai demonstrates how to apply mineral makeup starting with foundation.

    Frankie Posgai: Hi, my name is Frankie. I am with Kismet Cosmetics, and I am here to show you how to achieve a flawless finished look using mineral makeup. This is my model Sibel and in this clip I will show you how to apply your primer and your mineral powder which takes place over your conventional foundation. So what you wanted to do first of all is you want to make sure that your skin is nicely cleansed and moisturized like I have done on Sibel previously and you want to use a light primer. It could be any primer from any brand. We are actually going to use Kismet Cosmetics Primer and what you want to do is you want to just put little bit in your hand or your foundation brush whatever you feel comfortable with. I am very comfortable with my hands. So I am going to go ahead and just apply that little lightly all over her face and this primer doesnt need any sudden time but some primers you may need to let it set for about a few seconds or so and then you are done with that you want to go ahead and apply your mineral powder.

    Now, most conventional mineral powders come in a shaker jar like this. If thus what you have go ahead and give it a few shake, open it up and whatever you have left on the lid is very more than enough for you for that application. What you are going to do is you are going to take your powder brush, dip it in give it a low swirl tap and apply but with us ours come in a dispenser brush for the woman on the go. It comes with the brush the powder is already in this. So what you want to do when you have mineral makeup that comes like this is to give it a few click its going to activate the powder and then you want to go ahead and just gently brush it on in circular motions just like this and its going to be up to you to decide how much you want on if you have very beautiful clear skin she does then you need very little but if it me then you are going to need half the brush.

    So you just keep blending if you feel like you need more powder go ahead and click it again and if this is your mineral powder is in the shaker jar go ahead and deep your brush in the lid again and just blend in circular motion just like this. She has very very smooth skin so she doesnt need too much. Well like I said if you have like a few breakouts you may want to blend a little bit longer and I am going to even out Sybils face and when we come back I will show you how to apply mineral concealer.