Mini Mixed Berry Crostata

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Amy Riolo for Harris Teeter shows us how to make a mini mixed berry crostata.

    Amy Riolo: Hi! I'm Chef Amy Riolo with Harris Teeter and today we're making Mini Mixed Berry Crostata. Crostata are little Italian tarts that are full with fresh berries. The ingredients which we need to make a Crostata are, for the crust two-and-a-half cups whole wheat flour, one-third cup canola oil, which has been frozen in a jar for about 45 minutes. One egg, two tablespoon sugar, 4-6 tablespoons of water and for the filling, a quarter cup trimmed strawberries, a quarter cup blackberries, a quarter cup blueberries, a quarter cup raspberries, a cinnamon stick, three teaspoons cornstarch dissolved in one-quarter cup water, one-third cup sugar, organic non-stick canola cooking spray, one egg white and five fresh mint leaves.

    To begin, what we need to do is start working on our crust. So I am going to combine about two-and-a-half cups of whole wheat flour. So I am going to add my oil which is very, very cold right in, and then I am going to add an egg and then I am just going to pulse this on and off.

    What I am looking for here is for everything to combine and to create a really nice, just homogeneous dough. If it doesn't all come together, I am just going to add a little bit of water. I am just mixing right now. I am going to add in some of my natural sugar. So now we can check our dough and just see that it really comes together, we are able to make a ball out of it. This is exactly what we want. This is the consistency.

    So what I am going to do now is gather all of my dough together and make a big ball, cover with plastic wrap and then we are going to refrigerate it for about an hour and then we can go ahead and roll it out and make our little Crostata.

    So while our dough is chilling in refrigerator we can go ahead and start the filling for our Mini Mixed Berry Crostata. The first thing that we need, our mixed berries. So I am going to go ahead and add them into our sauce pan and then I am going to turn our sauce pan on to about medium-high and then I am going to make our thickening agent. And what our thickening is going to be is cornstarch and water.

    You always wanted to make sure that you dissolve it in water and that just make sure that you don't have any clumps. Then I am going to go ahead and just pour that into my berry mixture and then I am going to add my natural sugar. This is about a third of a cup, but now you can see what it looks like right now. We are getting that beautiful pink sauce that's coming from our berries. You always want to bring the heat up to a boil. Let the cornstarch really work together and bind the mixture together.

    Let it boil for about a minute, then turn it down to low and let it simmer, and that's going to make a big difference and just starts together until it comes just like it is now, right about up to the thickness of a preserve.

    So now our filling is cooling and I went and took our dough out of the refrigerator. It's been chilling for about an hour, so it's nice and solid and what I am going to do is I am going to cover my work surface here with a little bit of what we called bench flour.

    So this is just a traditional way of rolling out our dough for the Crostata and we are going to roll it nice and thin, so that we can make a little shell for each of our tartlets.

    So now that we are about a quarter-of-an-inch thick, what I am going to do is I am going to take my tart pan and I am going to place it this way, upside down just on top of my dough. Then I am going to take a knife, you could also use a pizza cutter, and I am just going to trim around the outside of the dough, like this using it as a little mold and that way the dough will fit perfectly inside, and you put a little piece of tin foil on top and then you cover it with some beans and set it on a baking sheet and then it's going to go right into the oven. They will bake together at 350 for about 20 minutes. Then we'll take them out, we are going to put an egg wash on top, put them back in and then we can fill them.

    So now our Crostata have finished baking. You can see they have got this beautiful golden color and the size have separated from the pan, so we could actually lift them out and over here I have our mixed berry mixture that we made earlier. And all I am going to do is just take out the cinnamon stick.

    You could really smell the cinnamon and the sweetness of the berries coming together, it smells delicious. A very little as you noticed sugar in this recipe, so it's really healthful. You could even serve these at breakfast time or for brunch or for afternoon tea snack. So here you have our Mini Mixed Berry Crostata.