Mixed Drink Recipes – How to Make a Morrocan Delight

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Bartender and Mixologist Christopher Kelley demonstrates how to make a Morrocan Delight.

    Chris Kelly: Hi I am Chris Kelly with Mie N Yu restaurant in Georgetown in Washington D.

    C. Today I am showing you how to make modern mixed drink. Our next drink is the Morrocan Delight. It is the mango martini. We are using Vango, mango flavored vodka from Holland and Hiram Walker, mango flavor liquor. We are going to put about two ounces of the vodka, about an ounce of the liquor and instead of using a mango puree, which I find gets a little thick and gritty, we are going to use orange juice and white cranberry juice. So we still have that orange mango color, but it s a much lighter drink, still very flavorful and delicious. It s equal parts of that juices, shaken well and we are going to be garnishing this today with a piece of candied dry mango. And that is Morrocan Delight Martini.

    . Next we will be making the Pandoras Box which is a classic Raspberry Daiquiri with Sparkling wine.