Mixed Drink Recipes – How to Make a Pandoras Box

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Bartender and Mixologist Christopher Kelley demonstrates how to make a Pandora’s Box.

    Hi, I am Chris Kelly with Mie N Yu restaurant in Georgetown in Washington D.

    C. Today, I am showing you how to make modern mixed drinks. Our next mixed drink is called Pandora s Box. So, I will take on a Classic Daiquiri. We are adding a sparkling wine and raspberry liqueur. The rum we are using is 10 Cane; it's a high quality rum. The raspberry liqueur we are using is a French brand called Mathilde. So, we are going to put an ounce of the raspberry liqueur, approximately two- and-a-half ounces of the 10 Cane rum and then we are going to add fresh lime, shake that all up and at the end we are going to add a splash of the sparkling wine.

    We will add the juice of about half of a lime. You can never have too much lime so another piece for garnish never hurts, add in the bubbles. I am taking about an ounce and a half of the sparkling wine in this drink. There you have the Pandora s Box Martini. Next, we are going to be making the Imperial Palm which is our version of the Pomegranate Martini.