Mixed Drink Recipes – How to Make a Sultan Martini

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Bartender and Mixologist Christopher Kelley demonstrates how to make a Sultan Martini.

    Hi, I am Chris Kelly with Mie N Yu restaurant in Georgetown in Washington D.

    C. Today, I am showing you how to make modern mixed drink. Our next drink is the Sultan, the peach flavored energy drink with Red Bull. That s the sort of a Tonic Cosmo. We are using a vodka and Cointreau which is an orange flavored liquor, about half an ounce of the Cointreau. Our vodka is going to be Zygo. It's a potato vodka from Idaho and it is flavored with natural peach flavor and natural energy ingredients as well. That is about two ounces of the Zygo vodka. To that we are going to add equal parts of grape fruit juice and orange juice about a half ounce of each and you shake all those up pour it into a chilled martini glass, little piece of orange twist for garnish to which we are going to add a three quarters of an ounce of Red Bull.

    So, this is our Sultan Martini. Next, I ll be showing you how to make the Dancing Shiva the whisky cocktail with the sweet dry vermouth, crushed mint and orange.