Model Trains – N Scale

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dave Swanson, Executive Director of The World’s Greatest Hobby Program, discusses how to get started in model railroading including the N scale.

    Dave Swanson: Hi! I am Dave Swanson with the World's Greatest Hobby Program and we are helping you get started in model railroading. In this clip, we are going to look at N Scale model trains.

    N Scale is the smallest of the common model train scales and allows you to put an off a lot of model railroad in a very small space. What you see running here is a Kato Amtrak Streamliner that looks like many of the streamliners that run in the U.

    S. Today.

    With N Scale, you have the advantage of putting a lot of model railroad in a small space. In fact, in a 2foot/4foot space, you can build a very nice starter model railroad. N Scales are good choice if you want to build expensive scenery or don't have a lot of space.

    A wide variety of product is available in N Scale and it is the second most popular scale. N Scale products tend to be reasonably priced with many of the N Scale sets under $100 to $200 range and they have a surprising amount of detail for their size. Being small does make it a little less suitable for children as these models tend to be a little more delicate and it does require a little better eyesight and hand-eye coordination because they are smaller.

    In our next clip, we are going to look at larger O Scale trains that have been around for generations and are frequently seen around the Christmas tree.