Monitoring Homework As A Working Parent

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Education expert Ann Dolin shares her tips for staying involved with your student’s homework and encouraging them to prioritize their assignments.

    Ann Dolin: Kids aren't the only ones who dread coming home to a pile of homework. A recent poll found that 99% of working parents feel some level of stress when trying to help their children with homework, but with a little preplanning homework doesn't have to be so stressful.

    If your child is an aftercare, ask the director to have him or her complete the easiest assignment before leaving for the day. By the time your child arrives home, at least one piece of work is out of the way.

    If you have an older child who is home alone, have him or her call you upon arrival to share and prioritize the homework list. Rank the work from easy to hard. This way the simple work is completed early on and you can assist with the more difficult assignments as needed.

    In many families the weekends are needed to catch up and get ahead. On Sunday evenings, set aside a half hour to plan for the upcoming week. During this time talk to your child about any upcoming extra curricular activities and long term assignments. Create a plan for upcoming projects, book reports and studying for tests.

    By previewing the week ahead, everyone is a lot less stressed and more organized, and remember by anticipating trouble spots and careful planning even the busiest parent can ensure smooth sailing ahead.