Monopoly Chance & Community Chest Cards

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Game expert Matt Young demonstrates how to use the chance and community chest cards in Monopoly.

    Matt Young: Hi, I am Matt Young and this is how to play Monopoly. Now, I will be discussing the other gaming rules outside of the land owning rules. First there are the Chance and the Community Chest cards which each player has to draw from the corresponding deck of cards, which are here and here on the board when they land on the corresponding space on the board. There is really not much difference between the two the cards, they just have different colors and basically you can either owe the bank money, owe other players money, you can receive money from the bank or other players. There are also the rules about going to jail, so there are two ways that can happen, if you land on that you go to jail space, at which time you advance directly to the jail and you do not collect $200 for passing go, or if you rolled doubles three times in a row, you have to go to jail. Once you are in jail, you have several options, you can try another doubles, in which case if you do you get out of jail and on your next turn you advance across the board normally. Or you can pay $50, the $50 fine and you get out of jail and you can advance in your next turn. If you choose to try another doubles, you can do that three turns in a row and if you still fail after times, you are required to pay $50 and move on. You can get out of jail free card, which means -- which is the only card that you can hold on to you after you get and instead of placing it upside down under the deck, which you have to do for all the other cards and you can either use that when you go to jail to get out of jail without paying the $50 or you can trade it to another player for a property or money, whichever you guys decide on. There are also the Railroads, which there are four of, across the board and they work pretty much like properties. You can buy them when you land on them unless someone else owns them and you want to try and own as many as possible because the rent goes up as you own more. They each start at $25 and if you own all four, you -- there is $200 rent for them.

    There are also the utilities which consists of the electric company and waterworks and the way those works is when you own just one of them and the player lands on it, the player owes you four times the amount rolled on their dice, and if you both of them, the player owes you ten times the amount shown on the dice. The last other space on the board is the free parking space, which is just a free space where you can't buy or pay or owe anything. So, that's just a resting space during the game. So that was other rules for the game and next I will be talking about variations on the game.