Monopoly Game Variations

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Game expert Matt Young demonstrates how to play Monopoly game variations.

    Matt Young: Hi, I am Matt Young and this is how to play Monopoly. Now, I will be discussing variations on the game. The traditional game can be very long and some people don't like Monopoly for that reason but there are actually some really fun, shorter alternative to the game. First is called the short game appropriately. For the short version of the game, you should stat by having the Banker shuffle, the Title Deed cards and deal three of them to each of the players. Players don't owe the bank anything for these title deeds, they are free. Next thing about the short game is that, you only need three houses on each property in a color-group before you can buy a hotel for that property instead of four. The price for buying hotel is still the same rent on that hotel, it will still be the same. Also the income tax is a flat $200 and when you go to jail you are required on your next turn to leave jail by either paying a $50 fine, drawing Get Out of Jail Free Card and using it or rolling doubles. This game ends when one player goes bankrupt and the remaining players add up their total value, which includes the cash on hand, the value of each property they own based on the amount designated on the board, the value of any mortgage properties they have, which is half the price designated on the board for the property and the value of any houses and hotels that they own, which is based on the purchase price of those. For the timed version in Monopoly, you need to start out by designating a certain specific hour of termination and then the banker shuffles the title deed cards and distributes two to each player involved. These players then must pay the price for buying those properties to the bank immediately. Then the game proceeds as normal until the designated time of termination and the richest player at that point wins. That was variations on the game and now I will be discussing strategies and then advice for winning a game of Monopoly.