Monopoly Land Owning Rules

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Game expert Matt Young demonstrates how to buy and own land in Monopoly.

    Matt Young: Hi, I am Matt Young and this is how to play Monopoly. Now, I am going to walk you through the steps of buying and developing a property. First things first, you have got to land on an unknown property, for instance Boardwalk, which is the most priced property in the game because of the rent that you receive when people land on it, is the most expensive. So it starts out, the price is $400, you have got to pay the bank $400 and you get the Title Deed which looks like this. The rent starting out is $50, so that means when a player lands on it they give you $50. Once you are on Park Place, which is the other property of the same color, you can begin to develop houses on it. Each house for this particular property is $200, so you pay the bank $200, get one of these houses and put it on the property and that increases the rent to $200. You can buy as many houses as you want, as long as you develop the other properties of that same color, on the same rate. Here each thing has the same number of houses before you can put more houses on. You can have up to four houses and after that you replace four houses with a hotel, it shows like this and the price eventually with the hotel for rent will be $2000, which is a lot and if someone lands on that, you have got a good chance to make him go bankrupt. No, at any point during your turn you can attempt to trade properties to another player to try and gain a Monopoly on a certain color, which means to own all the properties of the same color, so you can start building houses and hotels. One good strategy for getting a property from another player that you want is to try and own a property that they might want. So if they happened to own two properties in one color and you land on the third, even if you might not be interested in owning that property, you should buy it and try and trade it for the properties that they have, that you want. So if they own two greens and you happened to be able to buy the third green and they have an orange property that you want, you can try and trade it for them and give them the whole money actually too, because the green properties are worth more than the orange. When it comes to paying the rent, as you progress across the board, this happens when you land on a property that another player owns and the rent that you pay is designated on the Title card they hold and depends on whether or not they have certain amounts of houses or hotels on that property. Also depends on where that property is on the board. The rent for property gets progressively higher as you progress from 'Go'. So the cheapest property is Mediterranean Avenue, where the rent starts at $2 and ends at $250 with the hotel on it. The most expensive rented property is Boardwalk, which starts at $50 and ends at $2000. So ,if you are going to land on property and pay rent, you have got to hope that it's earlier on, on the board and if you are going to buy a property, you try and buy the most property towards the end of the board. If you find yourself running low on cash and you got some title deeds, you can mortgage the property which means, turn over your card and you no longer receive rent when people land on it and you get the amount from the bank designated on the back of the card. That was land owning rules and now I will be discussing the other basic rules of the game.