Monopoly Theory & Advice

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Game expert Matt Young demonstrates theories and advice tips for Monopoly.

    Matt Young: Hi, I am Matt Young and this is how to play Monopoly. Now I will be talking about theory and advice for winning the game. At the beginning of the game, it's smart to just buy every property you land on because it's basically an equal percentage of chance that players are going to land on all the different properties throughout the game. So after a while of buying as many properties as you can, you are going to start to see patterns in the colors that you own and you can start to focus on certain colors if you have some more. You want if possible to focus on the more expensive properties as much as possible because in the end they are going to be the ones that are more likely to deliver the knock out punch and bankrupt the other players so that you can achieve total victory. One important thing to remember as you play the game is that you do not have to pay rent to someone unless they verbally asked you for it, so if you notice that you have landed on a property that another player owns but they have not asked you to pay rent, once the next player rolls the dice you do not have to pay them rent for that property. So it's best to keep your mouth shut until asked by the player who owns it. If you see a player that starts and becomes front runner and they have two colors of a set, the color set and you have the chance to own the last one, it's best to hold on to that so that they cannot create a monopoly and become a dominator on the board. Also if you go to jail towards the end of the game, it's often smart to stay there because the $50 fine is a lot less that the other properties that you have a great chance of winning if you are out of jail. That was theory and advice and that concludes this series on how to play monopoly. Again, I am Matt Young and thank you for watching this and good luck in your monopoly adventures in the future.