Most Common Craft Beer Glassware

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Andy Sparhawk of reviews the most common types of glassware used to enjoy craft beer.

    Andy Crouch: Hi! I am Andy for I am going to cover a few of the common types of glassware used to enjoy craft beer from today's small independent brewers. Most craft beer glasses cover any of the following aspects in your beer experience, Sensor Enhancements, Aesthetics and Utility.

    The common point glass is not the end-all to beer glasses. After all, this glass was originally designed to shake cocktails and not as a catchall for malt beverages. A rule of thumb is to consider size as it relates to alcohol content when selecting glassware; the higher the alcohol or ABV, the smaller the glass.

    The snifter is commonly associated with digestives. However it is great for certain types of ale over 8% alcohol. The large round bowl increases heat transfer from your hand, warming the beer.

    The tapered top traps aromas. The tulip traps aromas and maintains a frothy head due to its curvy design, while the thin flared rim places the liquids squarely on your palette, elevating the taste experience.

    Tulips and goblets have different designs, but they share some common features, both typically have wide mouths, deep bowls and a fix stem, a color of foam is supported and maintained by the tapered shape of a pilsner glass. This foam enhances aromatics in palate cleansing carbonation.

    Here, the larger top portion of the weizen glass collects the increased amount of foam, supported by the narrow mid section. As it's tipped back, air pushes pleasant aromas that characterize certain wheat beers to the nose.

    Make sure any glass you select is free of foreign matter to promote the best tasting experience possible. Choosing the right glass offers just one of the many ways to chart your own craft beer experience.