Most Distant Galaxy Ever Found

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    A team of international astronomers find the earliest and most distant galaxy ever, something they didn’t expect to find so quickly.

    When a team of international scientists began asurvey of galaxies, they didn’t expect to find an early galaxy with a high star formation because they’re just so few of them.  But that’s exactly what they did find.  In fact, they found the most distant and earliest galaxy ever.  The galaxy was first observed with NASA’s Hubble Telescope and then confirmed with the Keck 1 telescope in Hawaii.  They say this find indicates that our infant universe held a greater number of intense star-forming galaxies than astronomers previously believed based on certain models and theories.   However, they’re not sure if they just got really, really lucky in such a big find so fast or their predictive models are slightly off.