Most Haunted Bridge in the Southern U.S.

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    There’s the makings of a great ghost story—a young bride who dies of a fever, a distraught husband who was buried far from the love of his life, a blend of local folklore and literary fiction can be found at this old bridge in Jackson County, Fl.

    Brett Lane: Its Brett Lane in Jackson County, Florida. And today we are on the Bellamy Bridge Heritage Trail. If you look closely behind me you might see something strange, one of unexplanied things on this bridge. This is the world most haunted bridge, its the Bellamy Bridge.

    Dale Cox: Well, Bellamy Bridge is number one, it's the oldest bridge of its type still standing in Florida. Number two is the focal point of what may be Floridas best known Ghost legend, it's the story of Elizabeth Jane Bellamy, who supposedly haunt this site, and has since 1837.

    The real record show that she died of the fever, but when she died in 1837 and her 18 month old son died one week later. The legend holds that she was buried out down on the family plantation near here. Then about fifteen years later her former husband committed suicide, and because he committed suicide they would not bury him in consecrated ground, and as a result Elizabeth who had promised to wait for him always you know, was waiting and he never came, and story says at that point she rose up from the ground, and began to roam this woods and the area around the old bridge at night looking for him.

    Brett Lane: And to get your paranormal motion detector beeping the red lights even more; over the last 150 years many visitors to this bridge have witnessed the apparition of Elizabeth as she walks the swamps underneath this bridge.

    Susan Todd: We have got this pretty cool looking orbs, lot of people in the paranormal community they like to dismiss Orbs, as being dust or whatever, but in this case here I think we have caught into that we can say actually something.

    Brett Lane: Tragic stories and ghostly apparition aside The Bellamy Bridge Heritage Trail is a unique opportunity to see the over standing bridge in Florida as well as magnificent plant and animal life inherent to the upper of Chipola river floodplain.

    Dale Cox: Whats unique about this area is that this is a restored floodplain forest, when northwest Florida water management district purchased this land you know, several decades ago; these were basically burn over cotton and peanuts fields. And they came in and by hand replanted an original Florida forest here. So, all the trees -- most of the trees you see in the plants were replanted here as part of an attempt to restore a native hardwood forest. And now we are seeing it come to you know its adjust stage and its turned into a beautiful place.

    Brett Lane: I am here in Greenwood Florida which is about five minutes down the road from the Bellamy Bridge, and the home behind me is the kind of Antebellum Style home, that Elizabeth Bellamy would have grown up in. You will like this small town where early antebellum homes are preserved and it gives you a chance to see what life was like for young Elizabeth. This is Brett Lane in Jackson County Florida.