Motorcycle Riding

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Motorcyclist Jeff Thompson demonstrates how to ride a motorcycle.

    Jeff Thompson: Hi! I am Jeff Thompson of Motorcycle Riding Concepts and today we are teaching you how to ride a motorcycle. This is Mark Payton, he is going to be our demonstrator today. What we are going to do now is teach you actually how to ride the motorcycle. Remember from the beginning we have been using a building block principle. Starting at one point and moving up to the next level each time. This is the next step in the process. We will have Mark start the motorcycle this time, he will have both is feet on the ground at this time and if needs to slow down and stop, he will using right hand to put on the front break to stop.

    What he is going to do is start the motorcycle, engage the clutch and move the motorcycle for the first time down to the second set of cones which you will see in just a moment and I will explain that to you in just a second. Go ahead and start your bike.

    Now mark is going to check his gear, make sure he is in gear and as he starts to ease the clutch out to the friction zone, he will power walk just for a second and then lift his feet up as the bike gains momentum and he will come to the end and stop and put both feet on the ground and he will power walk in a circle. As he is doing that, he is turning his head, looking where he wants to go. He seizes his prize which is the gate and he will move forward and stop with his left foot on the imaginary line. Now he will do the same thing backwards, he will move the motorcycle to where the momentum is up and he picks his feet up and moves the motorcycle, he will stop and put his feet on the imaginary line and just move the motorcycle in a circle again. Now as we have been doing all along we are going to talk about the building block principle. No longer will he be riding the motorcycle, stopping with both feet on the ground he is going to start off now on the three point stance. He is going to have his left foot out with his knee lock and his toe pointed outwards, he is going to lift his right foot up onto the break pedal and that creates a three point stance, so like a camera tripod nice and stable, from now on he will be starting and stopping using the rear break, he will only use the front break when he has a straight line stop which we will talk about in one of the next segments.

    So he will start the motorcycle, ease the bike to the friction zone and take off like he would on to the street, just let the clutch out, finger put right up and ride the motorcycle. As he stops, he will stop and put his left foot on the imaginary line, when he makes his U-turn, he will be looking where he wants to go and coming back to the white cones, just like we have done before, using his ocular riding and pulling up to the gate and stopping and now he will ride like we have already discussed. As he comes to the end he will stop putting his foot on the imaginary line.

    Now that we have learned how to move the motorcycle under power and actually rode the motorcycle, we are going to reinforce by stopping the motorcycle on the imaginary line for an exercise that we use called the stop and go.