Mountain Biking – Riding Up a Hill

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Mountain biking expert Scott Scudamore discusses how to ride up a hill when mountain biking.

    Scott Scudamore: Hi! My name is Scott Scudamore and you are learning how to ride a mountain bike with confidence. In this clip we are going to talk about going uphill. It near as dangerous as when you are going downhill. We talked about the control descents, but it's very, very important to be in a very easy gear and when you are coming up to a hill that you have to start to climb, you want to get into that easy gear early. So you do not want to wait until you are already started up the hill before you get into that easy gear. So, the idea is that you want to spin, you want to have your chest down a little bit on the bike and you also want to skew it up in the saddle almost to the point where the front of the saddle is almost poking in the bike. The steeper the hill, the more forward you want to be, you are pulling, but you are also pushing down. You will see when Shawn does this; he has actually has to keep his front wheel down as he is climbing; he is kind of pushing down and then pulling back. As he goes up his elbows are pointed down at the rear axle. He is actually pointed down; he is relaxed and he is spinning the wheels as he is going and he will go right up. So, as you look, you see, he is going up the hill right now; he is actually got his elbows back; he is spinning really good; he is keeping the front wheel down and he is going right up the hill. So, the most important thing to remember is, skewed up in the saddle as much as you possibly can to where the pulling of saddle is almost poking you right in the butt. So, you got your elbows in, pointed down, towards the axle, so you are, are pulling back, but at the same time that you are pulling you are kind of pushing to keep the front wheel down, so it does not rise up. So, as you are going up the hill, if you find yourself where you are loosing control, it is very important for you to fall into the hill, not away from the hill where you are going to crashing down the hill that you just came up. So, if you crash into -- the other point is as you are going, as you are going up the hill, keeping those elbows down and the front wheel up or the front wheel pushed down into the hill and you will climb up. You climb up without the problem. If you have lost control and you've had to stop and you want to start up again, you want to try the start a little bit at an angle to the hill and that will give you the momentum to get going again. So, in this clip the idea was to give you the tips for you to be able to attack any hill that is on the mountain that you come up against.