Mushroom Tartlets – Sautéing the Mushrooms

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Bryan Davis demonstrates how to saute the mushrooms for mushroom tartlets.

    Bryan Davis: Hi, my name is Bryan Davis with Chef Bryan's Kitchen and we are making Mushroom Tartlets right now. We have already got all our ingredients prepared, we have got our garlic chopped, parsley chopped and our mushrooms sliced and chopped and now we are going to start cooking them. So what we are going to do is we are going to turn our pan on and we are going to add some oil. Not necessarily need to add a lot of oil but you want enough to coat the bottom of the pan. What we are going to do is we are going to add the garlic in and basically cook the garlic just until we start to smell it. Once we start to smell it, we are going to add the mushrooms. If you leave the garlic in too long or the pan is too hot when we put the garlic in because of the size of the garlic it is going to burn in a flash.

    Okay, so our oil seems to be just hot enough here. So we are going to take our garlic and we are going to add it into the pan. You always want to try and keep the garlic moving around. So I just started to smell the garlic, so I am going to add my mushrooms. If we were to let the garlic go without the mushrooms for 10 seconds longer they would have started to color and turn black, when garlic burns and starts to color it starts to get a little bit bitter. And once it gets bitter, there is really nothing you can do to get that flavor out, that flavor is going to be in your dish till the end. So if by chance you do start this and oil is a little hot and you burn the garlic, the best thing to do take it out of the pan, wash the pan and start over again because there is nothing you can do to change the flavor.

    So now you can see that we are starting to render the liquid out of the mushrooms. Okay they are starting to build up some juices down in the bottom of the pan and that is what we are looking to do. We are looking to draw the moisture out so that when we put our red wine in, we can replace the plain flavor of the liquid that's coming out of the mushrooms now with the flavor of the wine. Basically the wine is whats going to give the flavor of this dish. Okay so we are just going to let this go for couple of minutes.

    Now you will notice when you start cooking it as soon as the mushrooms go in, you are going to feel kind of like the bottom of the pan is sticking. There is little bits of mushroom and garlic sticking to the pan. That is okay because once the liquid starts to be rendered from the mushroom it is going to loosen them up. So at the beginning they were sticking, now as I run my spatula around most of the mushrooms that were sticking have lifted off the bottom of the pan and we are pretty much rolling right along. Okay so our mushrooms have started to stick to the bottom of the pan here which means our liquid is out, so we are going to take our wine and we are going to add our wine. Okay, that is going to loosen up all of that, that was sticking to the bottom and now what we are doing is basically flavoring these mushrooms. We are just going to let these cook in the saut until about half of that moisture is reduced. So it didnt take very long for that liquid to evaporate. So now we are going to go ahead and add our heavy cream and we dont need a lot of heavy cream, basically we are just using it for a depth of flavor. So we are going to put in about maybe two tablespoons and we just let these cook, so that cream reduces a little bit. I am going to add a little bit of salt, little bit of fresh ground pepper. You can see these are -- that cream is reducing nicely and we are almost done with the sauting of the mushrooms and preparing our filling. Okay so our cream is reduced, got all we want there, so I am going to take my parsley, throw it in, I am going to toss it around and take it off the heat. And there is our mushroom sauted that we are going to fill our Tart Shells with and when we come back in the next clip I am going to show you how to fill the Tart Shells and serve the mushroom tartlets.