Musical Benefits for Your Toddler

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Mary Luehrsen of the National Association of Music Merchants discusses the benefits of exposing your toddler to music.

    Mary Luehrsen: Hi! I am Mary Luehrsen and I am Executive Director of the NAMM Foundation, and I am here to talk about the value of music for children from birth through about age four.

    At this time in life children are very active exploring in their worlds, through play, and it's very important that music is part of that experience for children. The chance to make music with their hands, to even build instruments, to sing and move with others, is so important for their overall development. It helps lay the groundwork for their language development and ultimately to help to get ready to read.

    We have actually found through research that children who are involved in music develop the ability to recognize words better, and that's why music is so important; its part of their early learning. So let's help our children learn and grow with music to become all that they can be and enjoy their childhood to the fullest.