Mussels – Preparing the Vinaigrette

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Bryan Davis demonstrates how to cook mussels and how to prepare the vinaigrette.

    Bryan Davis: Hi, my name is Chef Bryan with Chef Bryan's Kitchen and today we are making steamed mussels with a tarragon Vinaigrette. So we have got our mussels in our court-bouillon of white wine. I have some got some scraps of celery, onions and carrots and some green onions and a little bit of tarragon. So now what we are going to do is we are going to put our vinaigrette together and the base for our filling. So we are going to take some -- we are going to take two celery stalks and cut them in to a fairly fine dice. You do not need them completely minced down, but you want them fairly small. So we are just going to cut down our celery and then we are going to add our ingredients together for our vinaigrette. So we have got our chopped celery, I am going to add it straight to our bowl and add a little bit of tarragon about one-and-a-half to two tablespoons. So we are going to use about two to three tablespoons of the champagne vinegar. So just put that right on in there and you want to remember when you are building this that you do not want anything -- we are going to be whisking the olive oil in to this.

    So you do not want anything that is going to be destroyed while we are whisking it. That is why the eggs are not going in at this point. We are going to go ahead and get our vinaigrette made through the whisking process and then we will add the eggs in as a finisher. While we are doing this, I am just going to go ahead and check on our mussels. They are smelling fabulous and they are just about done. So we are going to go ahead and turn this off, let them sit for a minute while we finish our vinaigrette. We have got our base in here, so we are just going to add a little bit of salt and fresh ground black pepper. Stir this together and now we are going to take our olive oil and just like any other dressing, you are making you want to slowly drizzle in the olive oil while you are whisking vigorously to emulsify the oil into the vinegar.

    So we are going to add about two tablespoons of olive oil and we have got that nice and -- that is a nice emulsification there. So you got that good. As with any vinaigrette, before we serve it we want to taste it for seasoning. So we are just going to a take a little bit of it, taste it. It has got a great flavor; the raw celery adds a nice little touch to it. We are going to adjust the seasoning a little bit. Add a little bit of salt, little more fresh ground pepper and now we are going to add our egg. This is two hard boiled eggs that I have just chopped up. I am going to fold this together and this is going to be our filling or accoutrement to our mussels. So there we go, we have made our tarragon vinaigrette and when we come back I am going to show you how to put this mussels dish together.