Must Have All Grain Brewing Equipment

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Gary Glass shows you the equipment necessary for all grain brewing.

    Gary Glass: Hi, I'm Gary Glass Director of American Homebrewers Association. Today I'll be discussing the equipment needed for all-grain brewing.

    The essentials include a kettle big enough for a full wort boil, seven and half gallons and more, a kettle for heating up sparge water capable of holding at least five to ten gallons, a thermometer, a stirring spoon or mash paddle, a pitcher or a pot with handles for re-circulating, a gas stove or a propane burner, iodine test materials and a mash tun.

    A wort chiller is not an essential piece of equipment but it is highly recommended, showing your work quickly and efficiently is a good way of avoiding potential risks of infection.

    A grain mill is an optional piece of equipment, you can mill your grain at most home brew supply shops, but if you want to buy your grain in bulk, a grain mill is a handy piece of equipment to have.

    So now that you know the equipment needed to brew all-grain beer at home.