Must-Have Travel Toys

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    FAMILY magazine editor Amy Bevins talks about selecting the best toys for the holidays including the best toys to take while traveling.

    Amy Bevins

    Amy Carney Bevins is a writer, an editor for FAMILY Magazine, an educator and a veteran mom with over 110,000 hours of on the job experience. Amy has published numerous articles on topics ranging from cooking and travel to health issues and toys, as well as several humorous and thought-provoking essays about parenthood. She is a regular contributor to FAMILY Magazine. She has also recently completed several children’s books. For the commercial sector, Amy writes website content, advertisements, flyers, press releases, newsletter columns and advertorials. She edits board of director letters, publisher columns, advertisements, flyers, newsletter columns and website content. Amy received a BS and an MA in Special Education from the University of Connecticut. She began her teaching career at the League School in Brooklyn, New York. At this day treatment center, she taught students with severe emotional and learning disabilities. She next worked at Southwestern Oregon Community College in Coos Bay, Oregon. Here she worked as part of a grant funded team to develop and implement a one year certificate program for Educational Assistants with links to two and four year degrees. This program was also part of a statewide collaboration, incorporating cutting edge technology to provide educational opportunities to students in remote parts of the state. Amy worked briefly as a student teaching Practicum Supervisor at the University of Illinois. Her current job as an editor for FAMILY Magazine ( allows her to combine her love of writing and language with her interest in parenting.

    Amy Bevins: Hi, I am Amy Bevins, I am an editor for the Family Magazine, a writer and educator and I am also a mom. Today we are talking about must have holiday toys. Right now, we are looking at travel toys, great things for on the go whether you are in the car or at grandma s house. One thing that I found it is really funny is a spinner books, is it a book, is it a game, it s a spinner book, the best of both worlds.

    Read it like a book or play it like a game either way you will be hooked. This spinner book is based on the popular totally gross board game, so the questions kids love, like which of these animals eats by spitting it stomach out, cows, star fish or seagulls. Which place more the, trash dumped to the world s ocean in a year, or the fish caught in a year? How much snot do you swallow everyday, none, two cups or two gallons. Spinner books are great for road trips, rainy days, ski trips and camp outs. Anywhere you want on the go fun.

    Check out the other great spinner book titles including 30 Second Mysteries For Kids, Kids Rule, Dynamite, Kids Battle the Grownups and 20 Questions for Kids.

    Another great travel game is Hot Spot; it s from the makers of ThinkFun! who make such great games like Rush Hour, Tip Over, Pete's Pike. The promise is very simple you have challenge cards from beginner to advanced, they fit in that challenge card holder, then the goal is to follow the directions of the game, jumping your robot in to the spaces until the red robot lands in the red space. One great thing about this game is that it s all stores and it s on handy traveling case which is wonderful, if you are on the go and want to play quick game with your kids. It is a single player game and it s a great for kids from ages eight all the way to adult. It s a definitely a challenge at whatever level you are doing from beginner to advanced, and Hot Spot is a great toy for on the go fun.

    Next, we are going to look at magnatudes. These adorable stuff creatures have magnets embedded in their hands and feet. Put their hands together and hang them from a car seat, stick them on the fridge, make an animal chain, magnatudes are great discovery fun for little ones and play time friends for toddlers and preschoolers, teens will love finding them picking up out of lockers or other hiding places and it will even bring touch of whimsy to your office. There are 26 magnatudes to choose from including a cow, frog, monkey, horse, lobster, flamingo, lion, alligator, dog and pig.

    Dinner games are great on the go fun, while if they are called dinner games, I found that these are great for in a car or on the go, at a restaurant wherever you might have a few minutes and want to have some family fun. This tin is filled of 51 different games that you can choose from and most of them take just a few minutes to play. When you are not busy chewing and eating, you can have some dinner time fun or you can have fun in the car.

    One that we really enjoyed in our family was called counting menu, it just simply says go around the table counting starting with the number one, whenever you get to an even number, say move, so it may be one move, two move, it sounds like a really simple game, its much harder than you think, they also suggest use it with odd numbers, with older kids try prime numbers so you are adding in math skills counting skills and you are also having a great time while you are doing it. When we were playing it, our whole family was laughing and talking about how much fun we had, it made dinner last longer and it also got us all involved in sharing time together and this is a great product that you can use in the car because on those long car rides, you sometimes need something that breaks up the trip and you don t want the kids plugged in to video games or TV all the time you are driving, you want them involved and interacting so that your car trip can be as much fun as your destination. If you are interested in learning about any products, that you have seen in this video as well as any of the other videos and where to purchase them, simply click on the link to my web site and there you have a lot of information about not only the toys you have seen today but all the other, all of my other holiday toy pick. Next we are going to talking about, hot holiday games and ways you and your family can have fun together.